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Hello Kraafters!

My Word Of Inspiration Wednesday project is now ready for you to view.

also – this is my 7th post of my 50 Post Blog Writing Challenge…I am a bit behind, huh?

First let me explain, each Wednesday in the Kraafters Kommunity I add a word to inspire you to create. There are no limits and it should just be what you WANT to do. I started this on the first of October, it happened to be a Wednesday and so #WOIW was born.

The first word – PAIN – was personal – and fitting. I thought. The kommunity has been experiencing a lot of pain, not just recently either. It is a common factor many of us have in this creative world. Most all of us seem to have something we “suffer” from at some point or another and the art is how we cope with it. For many it is a way to work through it, ignore it or show the world there is beauty in the pain. For many it is to just keep us sane!  Granted this is a general statement.  Not ALL artists are suffering.

Personally, I spent a great deal of the last few months dealing with issue upon issue and then the last two weeks of September just seem to compound all those issues and I just needed to RELEASE THE PAIN! That might be where the word came from, it might be I was needing this more than my Kommuity members…I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking that way. It was just the only word I could come up with – and I struggled all day to get it posted. I knew the reactions would not be excitement and joy!

The immediate reactions were interesting and in some cases I actually felt bad – I may have now CAUSED pain! Not my intention at all!!! I guess I just wanted us to face it and be stronger than it – the pain, I mean! I guess I was trying or wanting to be a warrior, probably for my own sake but I have no other way to help all my friends. I keep praying for them and hoping the Lord will ease that pain…but then it hit me!

We need pain!

We need pain to tell us things are broken, a stove is hot or something isn’t the way it should be. We need to fix it in some cases or stop touching it in other cases.

I saw this piece in my head as I realized all of this and I created this piece in the only way I know how…just do it!

I attempted to video tape the process but something kept going wrong and the video errors were getting in the way of the process, so I stopped recording and just went to town!

I did get some shots, recorded a few key moments and here is how my PAIN PROJECT transformed into You Can Barely See The Pain.

step 1 - write out the pain

Step 2 - Coloring the pain

Step 3 - Mask the pain

Step for gesso the pain

spray Blues

Step 5 - change the pain

add texture to the pain

textured pain

Step 6 - Pain is still felt

adding embossing powder

Step 7 - adding more to feel the pain

Heat tool the embossing



TIME TO REMOVE THE PAIN! (I took the letters off – that is all)


Acrylic Paint through the pain


I continued to add more and more paint, with my fingers, feeling the course texture as I put some here and there.  I added the black rings using a few plastic lids and very runny black paint.  It was starting to look like bubbles and I wasn’t sure that was what I wanted, so I ran a line down on each colored circle and all of a sudden it was a garden of incomplete flowers to me.  I see now as I look at this picture above that it seems a lot more like LOLLIPOPS (thanks for that Beth! LOL) but as I was working I realized that not only is pain necessary but it also evolves.  I saw a garden emerging; a garden of happy colors of life.  That excited me quite a bit.  I could still see the PAIN, I knew it was there, but it was beginning to fade and what I was seeing (and feeling) was so much more.  It was deep and meaningful.  It had purpose.  I HAD PURPOSE! I might be done!!  I walked away to let it dry.


Although I felt good when I walked away from the piece, I came back to it and felt it needed more.  I NEEDED MORE!  I added some doodles, the emerging flowers I was beginning to see.  I needed them to be there, not just imagined – I needed to see the life coming from the PAIN.  As I added little bits of white here and there, I saw the PAIN almost completely fade away.  I knew I did not want that in the end.  I needed the PAIN to be there.  Even just a little.  I needed the pain to be peeking out so I did not forget about it.  I outlined the word and it seemed done – BUT ONE MORE THING!  The message I wanted to say – I was afraid I would forget.  So I put the message ON THE PIECE!


It reads: My God is bigger than this pain. Pain will not keep me down.  Pain can not stop me.

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You can barely see the pain

About Heather Kraafter

First and foremost, I am a child of the One True King! I am blessed to be married to my best friend and was privileged to stay home and raise my boys. I began the Kraaft Shaak in 2010 as a way to experiment with crafting mediums and to teach others what I have learned and have come to enjoy it as my creative passion. Taking the 'show on the road' is my latest passion and each day is one step closer to that dream. Thanks for being a part of that journey too!


6 thoughts on “You can barely see the pain…

  • Sue McKown

    Heather, this is inspiring! Although not a Kraafter, I am a friend that prays for you and loves you as a sister in Christ. To deal with your ‘Pain’ in such a way is not only a
    great source of therapy for you, but for others as well. I love that you put yourself out there for people to see what you are going through. Although I am a very private
    person, I so related to this. THANK YOU, dear friend for using your God given talents in such a meaningful way.

  • Sheri

    Heather, thank you for sharing your process on this. The end message is sooo beautiful…..I have tears streaming down my face. I can only imagine how healing it could be to release all of that onto canvas and have it become a beautiful flower garden and message of hope and determination. Again, thank you for sharing. Phillipians 4:13

  • Patty

    Heather, you done an absolutely wonderful job on this piece of art!!!!! It speaks to me and the pain that God helps me with every day!!!!! When pain is such a huge part of your life, you have to find some way of dealing with it. I carried my pain on the inside for more years than any human being should ever consider carrying it. But…..I done the best I could and then I learned to do better. I finally met the right person that shared how God can deal with it and even if it never makes sense to me, God can deal with it. When you release the pain, there is a void that has to be filled with something! Or …… the enemy will come and fill it with something worse than what you released to God. I am so thankful to God every day that He is my encourager. It makes no difference what the world says I can’t do, God tells me thru the words of Paul, Phil 4:13 that “You, Patty, can do ALL things thru Christ, who is your STRENGTH!” That is a strange but wonderful concept for me. I walk on that PROMISE today! Heather, you are walking on that PROMISE today!!!!!! It makes me hurt that you or anyone else that I care about ever experienced pain like that, on such a deep level! I know that God is, making up for the years that the locusts ate, in your life and He is restoring and renewing and re-energizing your life and mine and many others on a daily basis. You said it so well, “My God is bigger than this!” Amen!!!!!!!!! hugs, prayers and much love, Patty

  • Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith

    You documented the process very well through the photos, Heather! I’m thinking I should be doing more of this kind of picture tutorials, but I always forget to take photos during, so I end up just focusing on the end results for eye candy, rather than showing the process itself.

  • Tina Van Eick

    I really love this. I saw you do it live, but this really points out the ‘important’ points. Thanks for posting this.

  • SusanR

    After seeing your this, and reading the emotionly as well as physical precess you went through, I want to try this, I u Der stand the purpose of the weekly word better now, and I want to share this with someone I know who has to deal with pain frequently. What a gift you gave in sharing tbis!

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