Wire Wrap Necklace with Sylvia 3

Wire Wrapped Necklace from start to finish with Sylvia!

Hello Kraafters!

This week we had a very special treat. Sylvia joined the Kraaft It LIVE! show to give us all a “part two” of sorts. Last month she shared her talents with us and gave us the lowdown on all things to do with wire wrapping jewelry. If you missed it, be sure to look at the Video Treasure Chest and watch “part one” – 

Wire Wrap Jewelry Techniques with Sylvia – Kraaft It LIVE!

Everyone loved it so much we BEGGED her –I believe I twisted her arm even- to come back and show us more.

She agreed and this time said she would be doing an entire necklace from start to finish!!!

She showed and demonstrated so many things. How to create your own jump rings. There were several styles of links she made. Then she put it all together to create a gorgeous draping necklace.

Sylvia Necklace 3

It was all so cool as she shared the inspiration for her final piece but man o’ man she outdid herself when she pulled out those pieces to connect the chain. “Oh you know, I needed some holes on this, so I just used my Crop A Dile.” As if it is just “that” easy.

Sylvia Necklace 2

Then she really impressed me when she began bending the tail of a metal dragonfly piece that will be the clasp. I was like, are you serious? and sure enough…yep she is!

See it all for yourself in the video. You will enjoy it I promise.

Wire Wrap Necklace from start to finish with Sylvia

Sylvia Necklace 1



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3 thoughts on “Wire Wrap Necklace with Sylvia

  • Sylvia

    Awww, you are way too kind Miss Kraafter!! I had a blast creating the necklace, chatting with the viewers and the giggles with you and Nanette! Always a great time on KIL! Thank you for having me on!!

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