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Hello Kraafters!

Today we are doing something very different.

Today I have a collaboration video for you!

I have been watching Watercolors With Michael YouTube channel for a while now and his videos have taught me so much. I took a chance and sent him a message BEGGING him to do a project with me. I am so glad he said yes and very excited to share with you our efforts.

After a couple back and forth chats, Michael suggested a couple pictures for our subject matter. We decided on this one:

I loved all the green in the picture and the character of that old stone bridge captured me.

He and I then chatted about how we could do this that would give our viewers the most enjoyable experience. Somehow, we weren’t sure how, we would split up our videos and then give the ending to the other person and basically have each other’s endings on our videos.

Now – I will tell you, it sounded okay in theory – but when I went to edit the video I realized a big UH OH to this plan. I had not yet seen Michael’s work, and he had not yet seen mine.

Were we splitting at a similar point? Would the video make any sense?

Having not yet seen Michael’s finished piece I didn’t feel like I could fake saying anything about in my end video. 

Boy, I realized, this is very different! BUT EXCITING!

We both put up our videos, the clip we would put up on our channel and the piece we were giving to the other person to add to their video. I have to tell you this…after watching his videos, and seeing everything put together I am VERY impressed with us!!!

We really had no idea how the other would paint this, we didn’t discuss it. It was about personal style and preference. His approach to the background elements surely makes me want to repaint this piece in a larger format and use his ideas in it.

Watercolors With Michael final image – click this image to be taken to HIS video.

I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t share much…just letting you know I used Daniel Smith watercolors and Fabriano 140lb cold press sheet torn down to 1/4 sheet size. And as I promise in my video, here is the sketch I made that you can download and use as well if you want to play along.

right click the image and save as to copy to your device for later use

To see our pieces completed you must watch BOTH videos. No worries…I have links to Michael’s channel and his video for you to be able to go subscribe to him – you are welcome!

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