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Taking an online class can be intimidating or it can be one of the best experiences ever – today I want to share a WONDERFUL experience I am having with an online class.

Hello Kraafters!

I have taken a few online art classes over the last few years. A couple of them are pretty fun and almost all of them allow me the chance to go back and watch over and over if I desire. A few have been disappointing. I guess you just don’t always know what you are going to get until you take the class.

Soulful Eyes

But then there is that ONE CLASS! The one that says, all the time and energy spent in the creation of it shows and makes you feel like you didn’t pay enough! That one class I am talking about the WATERCOLOR FUN WITH THE ELEGANT WRITER class by Catherine Cote (Cee Cee’s Creations)

Be Bold

You may be wondering, what made this class so special? I am happy to tell you it is not just one thing.

Cee Cee's watercolor class

First, her attention to detail from the first video introduction, through two projects and into a BONUS project is incredible. She has extreme close up live action shots that allow you to see exactly what the brush is doing. You learn exactly how she achieves her desired look.

Secondly, from the printouts of her experiments and swatches as well as art samples, she allows you to see up close exactly what she is showing us onscreen. She also includes a complete supply list down to the colors she uses. Absolutely COMPLETE!

Third, it is clear her heart and soul was poured into making this a fun and enjoyable learning process for everyone that takes the class. Not a mismatch or poor video or sound – it is truly professional and high quality.

Leaves FALLing

I will also point out that a couple of my friends were taking the class to and we decided to kinda watch them at the same time and then get together in a Google Hangout and do the lesson together It was so fun to hear the squeals when they spritzed the paper and saw the BLOOM action take place.


One of the really great features is that there is a social media group associated with the class for anyone that took the class to upload their projects and chat DIRECTLY with Cee Cee herself. It is such fun to see so many of the same images but come out so differently. We each had our own color choices, our own media choices or added our own spin.

The Lake House

The absolute best part is this though – it is a self paced class. This means so many things! First of all if you missed what you thought was the class deadline, you didn’t – you could join it now! Secondly, if you are watching a video and life gets in the way of your art experience, you didn’t miss a thing. You can pause, rewind and rewatch over and over again! That is really good for someone like me! I need that kind of, Wait! What did she say? ability. It also allows you the opportunity to get the class today and take it all at once or spread it over a few days, weeks or however long you need. Self Paced ROCKS!

I had so much fun, I did a couple bonus pieces so far and I still have her BONUS PROJECT to watch yet!

I do hope you will consider taking the class – it is worth twice (or maybe three times) what she is charging! I am serious!!


class by Catherine Cote (Cee Cee’s Creations)

Here are the four pieces I have completed, so far…

Project One - Be Bold

Project 2 - The Lake House


Soulful Eyes

I had this drawing so I outlined it with the markers and played with techniques I learned in the class.


Leaves FALLing


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