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The theme this month is blessed to be a blessing and as I tried to decide what to do I was reminded of a request on one of our Watercolor Wednesday blog posts…it was requested I do a lighthouse and show the drawing part of it. So, I hope you enjoy this – and I hope it blesses you in your art filled journey!

air date 3/21/2017




air date 3/14/2017




  • Blessed to be a Blessing – Mixed Media Cross

    The theme this month is Blessed to be a Blessing! Each week this month I will use my art to explore this theme…and remember that I am not only blessed but have the joy of being a blessing to others.

Today we will be creating a mixed media cross…it’s gonna be fun!

air date 3/7/2017




The theme for this month is My Heart Is Yours! I will be using hearts in each week’s episode and focusing my attention on the one I give my heart to. I hope you will play along. In this episode we are creating a canvas art piece that expresses my vision of “prayers”.

air date 2/21/2017



The theme for this month is My Heart Is Yours! I will be using hearts in each week’s episode and focusing my attention on the one I give my heart to. I hope you will play along. In this episode we are creating in the large Dylusions art journal and using the #KS3Colors for February.

air date 2/14/2017




The theme for this month is My Heart Is Yours! I will be using hearts in each week’s episode and focusing my attention on the one I give my heart to. I hope you will play along. In this episode we are using our GelliArts® gel printing plate to create some lovely backgrounds. It is always fun to play with the Gelli® Plate!

air date 2/7/2016





Abstract Explorations continue with finishing up the canvas I started during the New Year’s Eve Party. It is a big 2′ x 3′ canvas. The largest I have ever done live and today I want to finish it up!

air date 1/31/2017



Abstract Explorations continue with a demonstration turning Gelli Arts® gel printing plate pulls into abstract art pieces following a few simple techniques.

air date 1/24/2017




A month long adventure in abstract art continues…this time we are using watercolors! Featuring M.Graham & Co. watercolor tubes – turquoise, quinacridone rose and nickel quinacridone gold.

air date 1/17/2017



A month long adventure in abstract art…this time in an art journal! Featuring Golden acrylic A to Z Kit

air date 1/3/2017




On this pre-recorded episode we will use a detailed line art image I gave to the Patrons this month and watercolor it. I will use Nuance pigment powders by Magenta and Daniel Smith watercolors. Instagram has all the close ups for ya!

air date 12/27/2016



On this pre-recorded episode we chat about 3 different ways to produce abstract art and hopefully learn a bit about composition along the way. Check out Instagram for close ups!

air date: 12/20/2016




On this episode we will finish the large canvas panel from last week using DecoArt and DecoArtMedia line products. Join us for some fun visual entertainment and of course the wacky comments from the audience!

air date: 12/13/2016




on this episode we will begin a 16″ x 20″ canvas panel with a drawing I made and then using mixed media techniques we will paint a Nativity. This is part 1, we will complete the piece in part 2 next week.

air date 12/6/2016




on this episode we pre-recorded the show so we have something to watch while I visit in Arizona. Live chat is available for all to enjoy as we watch together.

air date 11/29/2016




on this episode we pre-recorded the show so we have something fun to watch while I visit Sylvia in Arizona.

Chat live with us while we watch togetheer

air date 11/22/2016



on this episode we are using the large dylusions journal to create a fun and messy art journal spread. I was inspired by song lyrics and our current political situation in the USA.

air date 11/15/2016




On this episode, I am using a variety of techniques to alter a canvas tote bag from Canvas Corp Brands and DecoArt paints to make a lovely addition to my travel ensemble.

air date 11/8/2016





Gelli® Plate fun today is all about preparing backgrounds for art journaling later this month. I plan to take this journal with me when I travel and I need some of it done so I can take minimal supplies with me. Come and play along with your gelatin plate of choice.

air date: 11/1/2016




Mixed Media card fronts for my Patreon supporters
Each month I create a piece of art that becomes a print for my Patreon supporters. Today I am doing something a little different and showing how I take 2 sheets of mixed media paper and turn them into a stack of cards to give to the Patrons. Each getting a unique, handmade card – from me!

air date: 10/25/2016




A full process video of taking some “trash” (the packaging from a 12″ x 12″ stencil) to treasure! We will be using lots of goodies – check the comments for my list of supplies and play along!

air date: 10/11/2016




A full process video without the drying time. I have prepared the different stages needed for this project and am ready to show you how fun this can be.

Supplies and still photos with written explanations can be found at the blog post

air date: 10/4/2016



In this episode we take an old canvas we did in a previous episode, cover it with Golden Absorbent Ground and then watercolor a sunrise…we hope!

air date: 9/27/2016





On this episode, we will begin with why I love watercolors and hopefully end with you being more comfortable with them as a medium.

air date: 9/13/2016




On this episode of Kraaft It LIVE!let’s see what we can do with our Gelli Arts ® Gel Printing plates

air date: 9/6/2016




On this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! I will attempt to draw this face into my art journal and we shall see!

air date: 8/30/2016




On this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! I will create an art piece for my Patreons. I will show how I make 5×7 inch modeling paste canvases panels.

air date: 8/23/2016




On this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! WE are LIVE ON LOCATION IN MONTREAL! There are 4 special guests this time as we all pile up in Gisele’s studio and play musical canvases!!! Join Cee Cee, Gisele, Lucy, Samantha, Sylvia and I as we get messy and have some fun.

air date 8/15/16



Let’s use some round gelli plates from GelliArts and SoSoft fabric paints from Decoart to create a t shirt for our trip to Montreal! Plus we have a little fun and laugh at ourselves too.

airdate: 8/2/2016




Continuing from last week, let’s complete ONE 5” x 5” canvas together using all we have learned and few more tricks too maybe.

airdate: 7/26/2016




On this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! I realized it has been a little while since I had fun with mixed media art. So let’s get into that today.

I am using A canvas, some papers, tissue, texture pastes, gesso, acrylic paints and stencils to get the look I want. What will you use?

air date: 7/19/2016



On this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! I asked the Kraafters Kommunity for suggestions and we got a few all over the map but one that struck me most was using Derwent InkTense products and using the art journal. I love pulling out supplies I have no used in a while and with no real plan or idea I figure we could explore how the InkTense blocks work in the art journal…and you can see how I handle having no real idea, but I just want to PLAY!

air date: 7/12/2016



My family is visiting so we are doing the Kraaft It LIVE! show a little different this week. My mom and my sister join me in the studio to create a Mixed Media canvas together for them to take home as a souvenir of their trip to Butte, America.


air date: 7/5/2016



Watercolor painting celebrating American Independence and Patreon supporters.

air date: 6/28/2016





Today I will be using PanPastels to create a beautiful sunset picture on a pastelbord by Ampersand. First time using this substrate, so let’s learn together!

air date: 6/21/2016




In this episode everything went crazy on the internet but it turned out I was able to print in my art journal anyway! 6″ Round, 4″ Round and 3″ mini Gelli® Arts gel printing plates were used along with Decoart paints. Enjoy the show anyway, I HOPE!

air date: 6/14/2016




Each month I have a Gelli Arts Gelli Plate Play day with the Kraafters. Grab your Gelli Plate and join us! Dont know where this will be taking us but we are sure to have fun!!!

air date: 6/7/2016



Each month I create a piece of art for my Patreon Supporters – the giveaway piece (May rewards giveaway in June) This time we are focussing on a technique I recently fell in love with, sprinkling pigment powders into water and watching the magic occur. This is not a new technique, it is nothing I created, but it is a discussion about creating similar products versus rushing out and buying the latest fad. It is also a look at how Digital Stamps can be a mixed media artist’s good friend and how YOU can save on some in the month of JUNE!

Watch the episode to learn the coupon code and visit Wink Wink Ink TODAY! Wink Wink Ink Home – Wink Wink Ink Etsy Store – Blog post by Wink Wink InkBlog post by Kraaft Shaak air date: 5/31/2016


Join us as Heather completes the Buffalo by using Gelli Arts Gelli Plate pulls, cutting into pieces and collaging this magnificent beast – let’s finish him in this PART 2! Society 6 prints are available if interested.

Air date: 5/24/16



Join us as we complete the sketched Buffalo by using Gelli Arts® Gelli Plate pulls, cutting into pieces and collaging this magnificent beast. Society 6 prints are available if interested.

air date 5/18/2016



The Kraaft Shaak is on location again today in sunny, warm Arizona!!! Yeah!!! Join us for a demo and project creation using M Graham Watercolors. These are honey based watercolors and oh so vibrant, which you will soon see for yourselves.

The sketch for today’s show is available for everyone on Patreon.

air date 5/10/2016



Guess what? Today we are LIVE on location in Arizona!!! I also have a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE WITH ME AND SYLVIA!!!! This is gonna be awesome! We are talking about the class from the weekend…I think…join us!

Air date: 5/3/2016




On today’s episode, I am creating my exclusive Patreon giveaway piece. Each month I create a piece of art LIVE that is given away to one lucky Patreon Supporter. To be eligible to win this piece, you must sign up THIS MONTH at any level you prefer. All paid supporters are entered into the drawing next month when we do our exclusive hangout.

Details of what I used will be blogged about shortly and can be found at the blog.

air date: 4/26/2016



On today’s episode, I am a using a Patreon Perk (an exclusive sketch I give to all at $1 and above) Sakura Koi Travel Watercolor set and Strathmore 140lb watercolor paper. I should also point out that this episode was in fact prerecorded to accommodate my schedule this week – but I did watch it live with my friends in the chat. Prints will be available on Society6 and of course the sketch is available for Patreons now.

air date: 4/19/2016



On today’s episode, I will be playing in my art journal. I was inspired by a video I saw CeeCee do on her YouTube channel: Sketching London I love how she sketched in those London icons…and I wanted to something similar…sorta! I gave my Patreons a detailed description of what I did and what products I used. If you want to know – take a look at my Patreon page.

air date: 4/12/2016



On today’s episode, GelliArts® plate is pulled out and we will hopefully be overcoming the fear of this thing! So many people tell me all the time, “I have a love/hate relationship with it.” I can SO relate – I also had the biggest issues with it for so long…so much so I started a new Gelli Plate Anonymous Club you are welcome to join too if you have a need to get over the fear of this piece of equipment.

air date:4/5/2016



On today’s episode, we have our very special guest SYLVIA TABOR.She will be creating a wire wrapped necklace and sharing tips all along the way. From start to finish see it made and all her special tricks too.

This is a PART TWO of sorts from a previous episode, you can watch that here: Wire Wrapping with Sylvia

If you would like to connect with Sylvia, please do so: Sylvia on G+ Follow Sylvia on YouTube and see all her K.I.S.S. videos 

airdate: 3/29/2016



This is the monthly PATREON ART PIECE episode. Each month I create a piece of art that I give away to one lucky Patreon. To be entered into the drawing, you have to pledge $1 or more this month. I have an exclusive hangout with my Patreons after all pledges have been paid and we draw the winner then. For more details please take a look at my Patreon site.

air date: 3/22/2016



In this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! I will be creating a Mixed Media piece THIS IS PART TWO! We started with a good foundation:  see video below Today we will finish it up with paints and more!

Read all about the entire project here: Mixed Media Blog Post

air date: 3/15/2016



In this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! I will be creating a Mixed Media piece THIS IS PART ONE! I want to be sure the piece has a good foundation, so I am taking my time to create a base that we will finish in the next episode of Kraaft It LIVE! (part TWO airs live March 15, 2016 on )

air date: 3/8/2016



In this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! I will be creating for ME! In my Art Journal! This is the first time in front of the camera creating in 2016 and I am very happy to be playing in my art journal…come and watch it live from start to finish.

air date: 3/1/2016




In this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! we have a special guest – Sylvia! She is usually the co-host of this show but today we are turning the spotlight on her hands as she works wire to demonstrate for us the joy of WIRE WRAPPING for jewelry and mixed media art!

Follow Sylvia on all these platforms: YouTube – Website – Blog – Instagram – Twitter 

air date: 2/23/16



In this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! we have a special guest – CeeCee! She has a Mixed Media surprise for us. f you have not met her yet, be sure to follow the links below to find out more about the Creations CeeCee makes!

Follow CeeCee on all of these platforms: YouTube – Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Society6 – Patreon 

air date: 2/16/16




In this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! we have a special guest – Shel C! She will be sharing her Mixed Media talents with us. If you have not met her yet, you better check her out and her blog and  YouTube channel.

Here are the links: Paper Ocotillo Studio blog  and Shel C. YouTube Channel

air date: 2/9/16



In this episode of Kraaft It LIVE! we have a special guest – Sandra Artfullymade! She will be sharing her love of MAIL ART and showing us how she does it. If you have not met her yet, you better check her out and her YouTube channel. Here is the link: ArtfullyMade4U 

Be sure to get to know Sandra better: Society6 – BlogYouTubeFacebookTwitter

air date: 2/2/2016




In this FINAL episode of Kraaft It LIVE! for 2015, we will attempt to put a mixed media idea I have in my head onto a canvas…join us if you dare.

air date: 12/29/15




In this episode we will use napkins to create Christmas memories in our final Christmas special.

air date: 12/22/15




In this episode we will use napkins to create Christmas cards.

air date: 12/15/15




In this episode we will use 7 inch round wooden plaque and napkins to create a unique Christmas decoration.

air date: 12/8/15




In this episode we announce the challenge parameters so you can play along all month long and enter to win our giveaway.

A blog post will come later with details – just remember the #KSCDEC15 tag!

air date: 12/1/2015



I am totally in love with the Elegant Writer pens from Speedball. I have learned so much from Cee Cee’s class that I just HAVE to do another episode with these. How much better than the week of Thanksgiving?

No blog post but there is a document, Thankful Drawing and for the Patreons, the sketch I used is available for download air date: 11/24/15



I still have the second canvas from my fun show with Cee Cee that I want to actually see my original idea come to life on…we will see.

I give you more details at the blog post, Mixed Media Canvas, sunflower power

air date: 11/17/15




I received two sets of PanPastels for my birthday (thank you Sylvia!) and I am just so happy to share with you what I find most fun to do with them. I hope you will join in on the fun too.

READ this for more details

air date: 11/10/15




This week is super special! We are being joined by the wonderfully talented creator, Cee Cee!!! In this episode, we will issue the challenge, the 3-2-1 Challenge!  This is where we determine 3 of something, 2 of something and 1 of something that must be in your project in order to be included in the drawing this month for the prize. #KSCNOV15

air date:11/3/15



I am on location, with a makeshift set up (Thank You Sylvia!) some absorbent ground, elegant writers, and Twinkling H2O’s! (Oh my these are just splendid!!)

To view the final project, you will need to visit the blog post after you watch.

air date 10/20/15




How do you deal with life? Frustrations? Irritations? I grab my art journal – you are invited to come along with me as I work things out.

air date 10/13/15




Let’s use our Gelli Arts gel printing plate, silk leaves and paint to create some lovely pulls for “fall” inspired art.

air date 10/6/15





A demonstration of at least 4 different color mediums on at least 4 different papers, treated and untreated. Hopefully, this will help you in your mixed media usages.

air date 9/29/15




A 10″ x 10″ wooden canvas covered in texture and lots of fall colors and a lovely verse. Learn all about the preparation for this piece: Wooden Canvas Preparation

air date 9/22/15




A good day of fun in the art journal. Play along by reading the document: Art Journal Exploration.

air date 9/15/15




Let’s take the fear out of using our art supplies. For more details, read this: Pastel Deomonstration

air date 9/8/2015





We had a coloring party and played in the Bloom Book. For all the details watch the show and check out this blog post here: It’s A Coloring Party!

air date 9/1/2015




In this episode, we drew an image and then cut up the gel printing plate pulls from last week to create this collage.

air date 6/30/2015





This time we are creating Gelli Arts gel printing plate pulls to turn into a collage next time.

air date 6/23/2015





This is the finish of a collaborative effort by all who were live!






A collaborative effort by all who were live – we will finish it together in the next episode on the 16th.






let’s paint!







Created 5 shaker cards using WPlus9 Stamps and Dies











Since when is stamping just for cards and scrapbookers? Watch me make not one, but TWO canvases using WPlus9 stamps and dies.





This month we challenge you to “put a feather on it”  – We feature WPlus9 Stamps and Dies all month long.














The second installment of this month’s color challenge and the on going canvas continues.





Each month a Challenge is issued and you decide if you will accept and create.  I decided to do the color challenge ALL MONTH LONG TOO!





FINALLY!  It is finished – well sort of.  I lost one of the projects, so we end up finishing 6 right here and in one hour-ish.





In this episode, we keep at it – those projects have been a lot of fun, but they need more work still.  All of them on one episode!!





In this episode, we continue the journey of the 7 projects – 7 at once!





In this episode, we explore several ways to start a mixed media journey using stencils, mediums, gesso, sprays and inks. This whole month we will tackle these 7 projects in each hour – SEVEN at once!!





In this episode, Peg, Sylvia and I all show our unique ways to decorate our canvas totes.  Peg shows all the ways she alters aprons too!  Filled with eye candy and lots of tips!





In this episode we let YOU, the viewer, be in charge! You asked for it, we got messy with it right there.  We tested glitters, embossing powders on modeling pastes and so much more.





In this episode we continue the “color challenge” and use Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magicals as watercolors to color a lovely Bloom Girl stamp, Hope.





Faber Castell Big Brush coloring fun – I demonstrate one of my favorite ways to use the Faber-Castell PITT artist pen big brush markers in a water coloring technique I enjoy.






We use we will be stamping and coloring the Bloom Girl Stamps from Prima by Jamie Dougherty.




On this episode, we will use InkTense Blocks from Derwent to paint a still life.







Continuing with the “blue & orange” theme, we use Gelatos from Faber Castell to create an art journal page.










The month of November is all about altering things!! #KSDNov I want to explore the art of changing everyday items and making them artfully beautiful – that is the plan. What will you alter and will you play along ALL MONTH LONG? Toilet paper rolls? YES! I want to use them to organize my markers and a few other items on my workstation.





THIS EPISODE IS A SPECIAL TREAT!  Today we will meet a talented engraver, Jay Richardson who will demonstrate his skills for us LIVE! and take your questions while he does.






The month of November is all about altering things!! #KSDNov   I want to explore the art of changing everyday items and making them artfully beautiful – that is the plan.  What will you alter and will you play along ALL MONTH LONG? Is that a mirror?  Thanks for the inspiration +Peg Robinson your coffee mirrors are what got me to choose the project




This month on Kraaft It LIVE! We challenge viewers to “alter something” and I am starting of with cereal boxes altered into JOURNALS!





We have two members from the Google Plus Kraafters Kommunity on the show today. They’ll demonstrate tools and techniques for carving your own stamps.





Stamping fun continues with this episode as we explore several techniques you can do with your stamps. I hope to get to at least 8, possibly more, completed in our hour together.





In this episode I will be using one of my favorite stamping techniques – Faux Silk.  Remember, any time you use a stamp in your art this month – be sure to tag it with #KSDOct to enter to win our stamping prize pack!





In this episode I talk a lot about stamps and issue a challenge for the month of October.  Remember to hashtag your entry with #KSDOct





In the midst our technical difficulties in the beginning of this show, we “attempt” to finish what we started from last week.











we used the gelli plate to make a mess for some future projects I have in mind






we made a mess and used it to make some mixed media greeting cards.