Sprinkle powdered pigments – Magic! 1

Hello Kraafters!

I am so excited to share the discovery my fabulous friends and I found out a week or so ago, sprinkle powdered pigments and watch the MAGIC happen!

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying we created this incredible process nor did we “discover” something new here. It was just new to US to find something in our stash that would do a similar thing as other products we have had on our wish list!

The other thing I am hoping to show today is that Digital Stamps and images are not just for the Copic® marker lover or card maker. Ya, these images make coloring super fun, but what about us Mixed Media artists? How can we include these adorable images into the processes we love so much?

Well in today’s episode of Kraaft It LIVE! I hope to show both of these points clearly and I hope you will join us.

Digital Art for the Mixed Media lover

My dear friend Melanie of Wink Wink Ink has graciously offered a coupon code for those of you who watch for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE! Save 20% when you enter the coupon code. I will post that HERE after the show airs.

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Here are some photos of the images I chose to play with and a bit of the prep work in getting ready for the live show.

Failling Apart 1

Falling APart 2

Val the owl

Our Nest is Best 1

Our Nest is Best 2

I am preparing for Kraaft It LIVE! I hope you will join us.

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Watch LIVE Tuesday May 31, 2016 NOON Mountain Time HERE:

Kraaft It LIVE!

Watch the recording anytime here:

Video Treasure Chest

Check out the fabulous write up from Wink Wink Ink!

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