Something Wonderful Is About To Happen!

Hello Kraafters!

I have a quick and simple project I put together that I want to share with you. This is not a tutorial on how I made it but rather a story on WHY I made it. This is actually a lot more BEHIND THE SCENES than you may be used to but I still hope you enjoy this article.

You may or may not know about our upcoming LIVE event coming May 29, 2018 to Gilbert, Arizona. If you don’t know about it, check out that event RIGHT HERE. If you are in Arizona, you do not want to miss this as it is in such a sweet location and will be incredible fun for us all!

Allow me to let you peek behind the curtain as I am preparing for this great big and super exciting event…

I have been spending many days and nights thinking, dreaming and planning out the live event process. How we will set things up, and what will go where. For example, we plan on having much of the Kraaft Shaak original art on display around the room. We need to be sure we have enough tables set up to display it all properly. I also have books and books filled with amazing art that I have been gifted over the years by amazing Kraafters from all over the world. I want to be sure these are on display as well so where will they go? OH! I can not forget the best part of the whole event…the popcorn and M-n-M’s too! I must be sure we have a spot for that!!

I needed to lay out the floor plan:

  • Where will Tdawgg sit as he runs the technical stuff from behind the computer screen?
  • Will he have easy access to the workstation to get his beautiful closeups for Instagram?
  • Where will Sylvia sit so that she can see the all the action and interact with BOTH audiences, online and in person?
  • Where will we place the cameras to capture the entire event so we can create videos to advertise future events?

None of that was really all that hard to solve. Everything is laid out on a map and I am pretty confident that it will come together just like I am planning it.

But then…I started to think of how the event itself will go. Mr. Kraafter and I have a story to tell, but how will we deliver it? I want this to be fun and excited for the audience. I want them to feel they have experienced something WONDERFUL by the time it is all over. That is a tall order, are we capable of this? When we did this the last time, we sorta spent weeks talking about what we each wanted to get across to those in attendance. We had a game plan because we kept working on it. Right now, Mr. Kraafter is gone 10-12 hours a day. We don’t really spend that kind of time together like we were able to before. The situation just isn’t the same to rely on us not having a set plan.

I also had a curious question about the start of the show – won’t it be awkward to just walk up on stage and say “Hi!” without any kind of introduction or anything?

Well, this lead me to thinking about an introduction video…one where we won’t have to rely on an announcer to introduce us. We won’t have to hire anyone to do that – which is another win! So I took this idea and ran!!! I wasn’t sure where to begin. I had no clear direction for the video itself, I just knew we needed one. So on Mother’s Day my amazing guys offered to spend the day at the park filming a few bits and pieces of the story so we can capture it on film. It was windy and very warm in the sun but these guys braved it all. They are awesome guys!

After all that recording though, it was missing the “ART” element. We needed something added to it that would allow us to show the audience how this really all began. How the Art Koncert came to be, and that involved ART! So I filmed very close videos of the process of making a unique 8″ x 10″ mixed media canvas art piece. I am thrilled with the end result of this even though that really was NOT the goal. I just knew I wanted some shots of gel printing, water coloring, collage art and so on…all the stuff we do here. So I filmed and I created and I loved the process so much. Here are two videos I created and posted to Instagram from that process:

I am truly thrilled with how this all turned out and the introduction video is actually coming along so well. I really wish I could link that here, but I think it is best to keep that for the live show.

Anyway, this quote,

Always believe something WONDERFUL is about to happen

pretty much sums it all up! That is what we are doing, believing it will. Knowing it is going to be amazing, and HOPING you will join us. Even if you can’t attend in person, be sure to join us on YouTube for the Kraaft It LIVE! portion of the live event. You will not be sorry you joined, I can promise that much.


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About Heather Kraafter

First and foremost, I am a child of the One True King! I am blessed to be married to my best friend and was privileged to stay home and raise my boys. I began the Kraaft Shaak in 2010 as a way to experiment with crafting mediums and to teach others what I have learned and have come to enjoy it as my creative passion. Taking the 'show on the road' is my latest passion and each day is one step closer to that dream. Thanks for being a part of that journey too!