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I have always had an issue with the “begging for funds” or “donate here please” I think this is going to fix ALL OF THAT!!

Will Kraaft for art supplies
Hello Kraafters!

I am announcing a new thing I have begun. It is called Patreon!

What is Patreon? Well it is a free website designed to help creators earn a living doing what they love and being supported by those that love what they do.

Learn more, see other creators and maybe even be inspired to become a creator yourself.

When I saw this opportunity come up I thought, “FINALLY! A chance for supporters to help in a way THEY are able, and I can REWARD them for their support!” Ya, I said REWARD!!! This has got to be something for both of us, right?

Okay, so here is how it works – you choose a level at which you wish to engage from $1 a month up to whatever you want. At each level I have added perks and of course the perks increase as your amount increases. Even though it says “per month” it is really how ever many times you wish. You could change up your amounts – drop it down or increase it and you could even cancel and you can come back later. We do not mind and won’t ask why.

The stuff you get is yours and is over and above all the normal stuff you already get (Kraaft It LIVE! shows, Monday Meanderings, Kraafters Kommunity and so on) so head on over today and check it out – if interested become a PATRON and check out the gifts waiting for you NOW!


About Heather Kraafter

First and foremost, I am a child of the One True King! I am blessed to be married to my best friend and privileged to stay home and raise my boys. I began the Kraaft Shaak in 2010 as a way to experiment with crafting mediums and to teach others what I have learned and have come to enjoy as my creative passion. Taking the 'show on the road' is my latest passion and each day is one step closer to that dream. Thanks for being a part of that journey too!

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