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Ring in the New Year from coast to coast with CeeCee and Heather and a couple special guests!

Hello Kraafters!

Welcome 2016 with me and my dear friend CeeCee and a couple of special guests as we hangout the ENTIRE NIGHT starting at 10 PM EST! need a time zone converter? http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/


Register HERE and Watch HERE 10 PM Eastern December 31, 2015

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Boy howdy is this going to be fun!

A couple weeks ago, CeeCee and I were chatting about our plans for the new year and how we might spend New Year’s Eve. It turns out neither of us planned to go anywhere and we would both love to hangout and “art” some fun together.

Then we said, “HEY! What if we did it live and asked our friends to join us?” That is where it all began. We immediately got to work on inviting a couple of very smart cookies to join us and bring a bit of “entertainment” to the festivities…I am pretty sure you do not want to miss the opening act!!!!

new year's 2016 rev 8

So, we set the date and times – yep we are going ALL NIGHT LONG (insert Lionel Richie theme music here) and there will be dancing in the street…or maybe just our seats…All Night Long!!!!!

You do not want to miss a LIVE Art-A-Thon that will bring laughter and fun to 2016 in each time zone across North America!

There will be much laughter, that we can guarantee!


We do plan on doing some art projects during the LIVE event as well and you just have no idea what we may do, mostly because we have no idea either!!!

The event will last until the Pacific coast sees the new year, 2016! We might even stick around a bit after that!! It all depends on YOU, the audience.

Join us by registering now and get reminder emails!

When you enter the “room” early, you can take the time to leave a comment or two and even make a request for a project you may want to see us create.
You can come and go throughout the night. We hope you will join us for some or ALL of the fun this New Year’s Eve!

Register HERE and Watch HERE 10 PM Eastern December 31, 2015

need a time zone converter? http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/


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First and foremost, I am a child of the One True King! I am blessed to be married to my best friend and was privileged to stay home and raise my boys. I began the Kraaft Shaak in 2010 as a way to experiment with crafting mediums and to teach others what I have learned and have come to enjoy it as my creative passion. Taking the 'show on the road' is my latest passion and each day is one step closer to that dream. Thanks for being a part of that journey too!


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