The Traveler program has been cancelled as of September 30, 2019

There are so many ways you can show your support to the Kraaft Shaak.

  1. Watch our videos, also – like, comment & share on our social media posts as well
    1. costs you nothing but a little time.
    2. gains us relevance in our field as well as ad revenue.
  2. Attend live streams on Twitch (weekdays 10 am Eastern)
    1. costs you nothing but time.
    2. gains us confidence to keep going and keeps us from getting lonely
  3. Shop using our Amazon affiliate links (found in our blog posts and videos)
    1. costs you nothing extra
    2. gains us a smidgen of your sale
  4.  Buy our ART, Prints, Products and/or Kits. We have a NEW store up now and each piece is taking up space. Please help us move them out!
    1. You get goods for your coin. 
    2. We get more space and a bit of coin to keep doing what we do.
  5. Become a Twitch Subscriber
    1. you get access to exclusive Twitch streams when we have them
    2. we get a little incentive to keep streaming.
  6. Donate via PayPal, our DONATE button or send us a check via snail mail.
    1. you can choose the amount and if it is a one time or recurring gift.
    2. we get the kudos from you to further the adventure and take this show on the road!

NO MATTER what you choose to do, you are appreciated! We never wanted anyone to feel obligated or guilty, we just had many folks ask how they can support the Kraaft Shaak so here ya go!

PS – all proceeds go to fund our website, create videos and works of heART and get us rolling across the US (and someday to other countries too) to meet you in person and to do Art Koncerts live in person! THANK YOU for your support.

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