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Patreon Art Piece – Inspired Mixed Media Kraaft it LIVE! episode recap.

Hello Kraafters!

This is the monthly PATREON ART PIECE episode. Each month I create a piece of art that I give away to one lucky Patreon. To be entered into the drawing, you have to pledge $1 or more this month. I have an exclusive hangout with my Patreons after all pledges have been paid next month and we draw the winner. For more details please take a look at my Patreon site. (EVERY pledge made by the end of March will be eligible for the giveaway in April)

Well today I have a piece that is incredibly special to me and actually brought me to tears at the end of the episode…but we won’t start there.
Let’s start with the “inspiration” piece and what I felt when I saw it and why I wanted to do this and especially THIS WEEK! YA! Let’s start there – this week…

This is Holy Week! From Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday, as a Christian, I celebrate Holy Week. This has always been my favorite time of year. I love Spring and the message of NEW LIFE and I love Easter and the message of Eternal Life with our resurrected Lord. Some like Christmas, but I am not much of a fan. I mean anyone can be born…but only ONE was brought back to life!

Anyway, back to the inspired piece…here it is on Pinterest:

Original Contemporary Abstract Painting Textured Gold Colorful Modern Palette Knife by Osnat 48″ x 36″

Please take a minute to peruse OsnatFineArt Her work is STUNNING!!!!!

The colors were amazing and that drew me right in. Then after I looked at it a bit, I started to see many things in it. That white mass in the center really spoke to me. It began to remind me of the New Jerusalem, hovering just above the rubble of the wasteland below. A wasteland of the earth after judgement day. The glory of that city and all it’s fresh golden light shining bright in the deep dark. I saw a lake below and cliffs of ruin. Desolation. I could see a cross on a ledge. Like the only sign of lives once there.

But that city! It was gleaming! I could imagine all the people celebrating inside it. I saw pearly gates and streets paved with gold and oh I think I could hear the trumpets sound!

That is what I wanted to create in my piece.

It began with an 11″ x 17″ canvas panel and a few scraps of cardstock and tissue paper with matte soft gel. I glued the strips in a pattern and added the tissue carefully not to get any gel on the front of any of the pieces. Turns out there was NO NEED to be so careful as I never did the glazing I wanted to do…boy, that sounds like me doesn’t it?

20160322_095327  IMG_20160322_101120  20160322_101323

Once that was dry, I got out my Heavy Gesso. You know I love Finnabair’s by Prima, right? I used my palette knife and applied in splotches here and there. It was thick in some areas and thin in others.


Then I had some dangerous fun using my heat tool. WARNING! Do not try this at home and then blame me when you burn your craft room down.

20160322_101909  20160322_102618  20160322_102721

I really wanted the texture that comes from heating the gesso. The bubbles and bumpiness that happens makes me so happy! Then I was ready to paint. BUT I had to wait as I did all of that before the show.


Man! That was a long wait! Anyway, we started by mixing some soft gloss gel and mica powder to create my own acrylic glaze. I added some paint to it to get the color and opaqueness I wanted. Then I started painting. 


If you missed the episode, you can watch it at the Video Treasure Chest.


Here is a complete supply list:

  • 11″ x 17″ Canvas Panel
  • cardstock & tissue scraps
  • Finnabair Art Basics heavy white gesso by Prima
  • Finnabair Art Basics soft gloss gel by Prima
  • crafting heat tool (embossing)
  • Finnabair mica powder – rust, deep water, gold, pale silver
  • Pebeo Dyna acrylic paint – green/blue, blue/black, red/orange
  • Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic paint – night, white
  • Golden fluid acrylic paint quinacridone nickel azo gold
  • Finnabair microbeads by prima – copper, silver
  • Finnabair 3D matte gel by prima
  • a homemade spray I made using liquitex airbrush medium & gold mica powder to make the drips

New Doc 10_6 New Doc 10_4 New Doc 10_3 New Doc 10_2

This print will be available for sale soon at Society6! link will be here when it is available.


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  • Lynda Wessell

    Thank you. Your love of Christ shines through your blog & painting. Both are beautiful.

  • Sylvia

    Wonderful post, Heather. I feel your passion from your words and this Inspirational piece. I am mesmerized by the colors, the details and all the visions I see in here…

  • Peg

    Great expression of your love for our Lord and Savior. Glory to God. Praise and share his gifts as you do so well. Peace and love to you.

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