Painting A Mailbox using Dina Wakley Heavy Body Paint 2

Did I tell you the one about the guy who ran into my mailbox and knocked it off the post?

Hello Kraafters!

This & That Thursday is a little late this time but it is still technically Thursday so I am okay, right? I have to tell you a little background first. You see a few weeks ago my dog was going bonkers outside. She does that if anyone dares walk anywhere in our neighborhood at all so it didn’t bother me too much until I noticed the car out front. A man was getting a box out of the backseat and carrying it up to my front door.

I went outside and this very kind man explains that the night before he was out riding his bike with his daughter and they came past my house. He wasn’t really looking and then he ran right into my mailbox and knocked it off the pole! I asked if he was injured and he said not at all, just his pride a bit.

So then I noticed the box. A new mailbox. He went and bought a new mailbox!

I had to laugh, you see – and I was sure to explain this to this kind soul – years ago several kids walked by after school and punch and hit our mailbox. We have been limping that box along ever since. Even the mailman said we really should replace it!! So I told him, “Sir, you should just take it back to where you got it from and keep your money. We really needed a new one anyway.”

He refused! Said that he would feel better knowing he replaced it!

So I said thank you and told him I would paint it with a special scene and make it very pretty and my husband will install it – he was actually going to install it and I told him he did not have to.

get out the Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic paints and paint a mailbox

It has been a few weeks and I decided today was the day…today I got out my Dina Wakley Heavy Body paints in many colors and an began sponging and creating a scene, a wintry scene.

Here is the video and the supply list is below that.

Up close view of the wintery scene painted on a mailbox


Winter on the ridge painted on a mailbox

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Winter on the East Ridge

By the way, I painted the other side too – but this one was just me and the paints, no camera. That was super fun!

The sunrise base painted on a mailbox

Sunrise over the east ridge


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2 thoughts on “Painting A Mailbox using Dina Wakley Heavy Body Paint

  • Carol

    Love it! Everyone should have a mailbox this lovely! Perhaps I need to go smash mine so I can get a new one to paint like this! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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