on the GO! rewards

We have started a GoFundMe campaign to help fund our newest & most extensive LIFE CHANGING project ever… 

Kraaft Shaak on the GO!


If you are new to this concept and want the in-depth scoop, you may want to read about it on the GoFundMe page!

Our Goals: $215,000 = truck and trailer/classroom, supplies and equipment to bring a professional experience to the internet AND a city near YOU!

concept art for KS on the GO!

The very short skinny – after a few “on location” live studio audience experiences…it became very clear – The show must go – on the road! The family had many deep discussions and we began the plans to sell all we own and take this gig on tour! We want to meet you and bring YOU opportunities to learn, grow and find YOUR passion!

So it was decided, the map has stars on it and we are on our way to making this dream a reality…well, sort of! We still need your help and this page is dedicated to rewarding those of you who choose to help – in any way possible!

USA Tour - first stop, Patreon Supporters

There was one point where we questioned whether this was a possibility or not and after tossing a few figures around, doing a LOT of research we realized that if just 8600 people were to give $25 each – we would achieve our goal and be ready to tour. WOW! That was kind of shocking to each of us! You mean this could be possible? If each of our YouTube subscribers and ONE of their friends did $25 – it is done? REALLY? WOW!

We also know not everyone is able to help financially and that some who can want to do more than that so we decided we would set up a reward system for those who want to do what they can and let everyone know just how thankful we are!

Check out the Kraaft Shaak on the GO! Playlist as we add updates in fun ways…

So here it is…all the ways you can help with this adventure and what you will get out of it- THANK YOU SO MUCH for believing in us and helping us share our passions with the world.


          1. Share! Tell everyone! Spread the Word!

One of the most important ways you can help this project grow is to share this page and/or the GoFundMe page on Facebook, Twitter or where ever you are able. When you tell why you think this is a good idea, you make it personal and those around you trust YOU way more than US!

Right now, they don’t even know us, but with your help they might soon! Please use these share buttons to tell the world!

          2. Give a financial gift, of any size!

We mentioned how many people it would take at $25 each.

We also know a few of you are already offering to give more so we decided to give some special gifts to those who do just that!

Your ONE TIME GIFT of the following amount will gain you extras not available any other way! To donate now – please visit GoFundMe Kraaft Shaak on the GO! donation page. For alternative ways to donate, please use the contact us page.

  • $1 to $24.99 you will receive a personal thank you email complete with a special video thank you message from our family! 100% of your donation, after the small processing fee, goes directly into the fund! 
  • $25 – $499.99 you will receive a personal thank you email complete with special video thank you message from our family AND an I support Kraaft Shaak on the GO! postcard in the mail.

This postcard is also a valid entry for a personal meet and greet in your area when we pull into town. Details will be emailed about dates and times as they approach during the tour. 

  • $500 – $999.99 you will receive one of three options – totally your choice – Please follow the directions listed in the bottom of this page in the FINE PRINT area to claim your choice:

OPTION A – choose one of these pieces of original Kraaft Shaak art to be delivered to you (or any person of your choosing) when we roll into town during the US tour. First come first serve, no holds! Some restrictions apply – details will be made firm as the tour approaches your area. US residents only.

Heather1 SOLD! The Cross in Spring Lumber Moose Moonlight Dragonfly Patreon_160527_1 (adding more art soon)

OPTION B – guest of honor luncheon with the Kraafter family. We will set up a lunch with you and up to 3 of your friends or family to spend an afternoon with us eating, laughing, and chatting. Some restrictions apply – details will be made firm as the tour approaches your area. US residents only.

OPTION C – you will choose a Society 6 Gift Pack – you choose the print(s). The gift pack includes: 1 small print, 1 medium tote bag, 1 set of 3 zippered bags and 1 mug or travel mug

  • $1,000 and up – you will receive a handwritten, handmade thank you card and the opportunity to add your signature (name and/or very short phrase, on approval) to the outside of our rig!

You have seen race cars covered in sponsor labels, right? Well we want our sponsors (that’s YOU!) to have the same notoriety and experience the fun! So we will send you instructions on how to get us your signature so we can add it to the outside of our trailer and take you on the road with us. It will be affixed to the outside, permanently and weather proof.  This is also an option for small businesses to add their logo if they wish. I can not wait to see all the signatures all over it!

To donate now – please visit GoFundMe Kraaft Shaak on the GO! donation page.

We do have a sponsorship program set up for any size business that wants to be an official sponsor of the Kraaft Shaak on the GO! Please visit Sponsorship Program for more details.

          3. Pray for our campaign and our safe travels.

This is one way every person can truly help! If you have decided to pray for us and need a little reminder, please print out the flyer below and post it on your refrigerator.

Let it serve as a visual reminder to keep our rig, our marriage, our family and our mission on your prayer list. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It helps knowing there are warriors looking out for us!

official prayer warrior printable, right click and print

official prayer warrior printable, right click and print


All of this has been a dream come true made possible by the Patreon Supporters. Patrons are on going monthly supporters who give a financial gift each month in support of what we do. When we discussed where we would go on this tour I knew right away that it had to start with these awesome people!

patreon Map


I took a map and added a star to each spot where they live (as more sign up my personal map has more stars, this one is not updated to show that) and we will plan our first tour based on the location of the Patreon supporters.

If you want to be on the map, you must sign up to be a monthly supporter of the Kraaft Shaak on Patreon.  Tour dates and locations will be announced in Spring of 2017 – as funds allow.Official Patreon page for Kraaft Shaak

The Fine Print:  All funds given are NOT tax deductible. You are giving funds in support of our family and this entire adventure as stated in all previous communications. When you give us your email as a supporter, we will add you to a newsletter sharing our on the GO! highlights and tour dates and locations. You may unsubscribe from that list anytime if you prefer.

Donation prizes are NOT automatic and will not be sent to anonymous givers. To claim your appropriate reward, please use the contact us page and let us know that you have donated, the email or username you used to donate, and which reward you are claiming-if applicable. Once the funds are verified, you can expect your reward email confirmation. Please check your spam folder before contacting us with issues. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond to inquiries and questions.