Kraaft Shaak LIVE!

Look for us to come to a city near you so we may perform a LIVE show for you personally!

Heather is your hostess, willingly getting her hands dirty for you.

Tdawgg is the technical guy, who connects all the wires and pushes all the buttons and also takes behind the scenes pictures to give a unique view of the show on Instagram.

Mr. Kraafter joins us this season as a commentator and audience engager. You will want to be sure to leave your comments in the live chat on YouTube so he can help bridge the gap between the live art performance and you, the online audience.

We believe all were CREATED by the CREATOR to be CREATIVE – and we want to prove it. Each week we get our hands on art products and demonstrate mixed media art techniques as we experiment in a fun and playful online LIVE and interactive atmosphere.


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