Lily Pad Pond mixed media online class notes and supplies

Hello Travelers!

Lily Pad Pond mixed media online class notes and supplies

Thursday June 27, 2019 at 3:00 PM Eastern.

Thanks for traveling along on this art journey with me. It is my hope that this is a fun and exciting way to stretch ourselves a little further in our art. Below you will find a complete list of the items I intend to use in the upcoming monthly online class.

Because you are a TRAVELER you are invited to attend the livestream as a participant to ask questions, help me make clarifications and participate in the live class. I have figured out how to use the technology to create a livestream where you will be heard but will not actually be visible on the recording. This is exciting because I know many of you are not wanting to be on camera. No problem!

Travelers Only –
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Just remember – if you plan to attend the livestream of this online class as a PARTICIPANT then you need to follow a few guidelines:

  1. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early – we will go live at 3 pm EASTERN, please be in the event (link coming soon) at least 30 minutes before.
  2. Please do not have a TV, radio or other noises such as a barking dog or baby in the background. Although I love these things, the replay will benefit from us being mindful of this rule. If you have the occasional barking dog, an idea might be to use the mute function. Stay muted when not asking questions or giving answers.
  3. Having the exact supplies I use is not a requirement to participate. You might even decide not to do what I am showing, mixed media. Perhaps you prefer to watercolor. In fact, it is not even necessary for you to play along while we are live. If you prefer to watch and play later, that is totally fine with me.
  4.  Have fun and engage! It is VERY important for this to be a success, that you participate verbally with me. I thrive on your interaction and really NEED you to engage with me while we do the class. There NO dumb questions and all comments are encouraged to spark a lively interactive class.
  5. finally – please help spread the word. Although this post is only available to Travelers, you can still share it hopefully prompting folks to want to join our monthly activities. The YouTube video is public and free and can be shared as well! Here is the YouTube link to have access and share it when you desire to do so: Lily Pad Pond Mixed Media ONLINE Class

My Inspiration:

My Thoughts:

The idea for this piece came to me back when we were on our Southern “Meeting Friends” tour in April and May of this year. Our motorhome was broken down at a repair shop and they requested we leave for a while so they could do a full diagnostic. While we wandered around a town looking for things to do and anxiously awaiting the horrible news of needing a new engine, I was struck by this odd pond over near a shopping center. I begged to be able to go take a few pictures and ever since then I have been playing with the color  of these photos and toying with the idea of how to do a beautiful piece of art from them.

I decided to take the image into my digital program on my iPad and using my iPencil I was able to sketch a composition that I believe you will have a blast using in MANY different ways.

Feel free to follow along as we use abstract techniques and some mixed media options to create a beautiful art work you can be proud of. If mixed media is not your thing, then use the sketch how you wish. I would love to see various versions of this and you can boldly post your work in the Kraafters Kommunity Discord ONLINE CLASSWORK channel. If you need to join the discord still, here is the link to do that: Kraafters Kommunity 2.0 Discord

My Supplies: (affiliate links in use, thank you)

  • The inspiration images and line art printouts found here: LILY PAD POND Drive Folder – DO NOT SHARE! You have my personal permission to download ALL of these images and use them in your personal art as you desire. Please do not sell these images as your own.
  • Use the printouts 1-3 and tape them together overlapping the images in the printout to create a larger guide. Skip this step if doing an 8″ x 10″ canvas or watercolor as the line art printout is that size when printed (see the image printed to the right in the above picture)
  • Canvas – mine is substantially larger than the printout as I want the image to “float” within the painting. You may use any size you prefer and print out accordingly. For reference, I printed the line art 1-3 in full page on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper then taped them together. When done it measures 11″ x 15″ over all. My canvas is 16″ x 20″ 
  • One charcoal stick or soft drawing stick for the transfer of the image to the canvas (not shown)
  • Gesso – I will use my Simply acrylic gesso white (shown) and my heavier bodied DecoArt Media Line white gesso (not shown)
  • a few sheets of old book pages. You may use gel print pulls, magazine cutouts, any collage paper you choose.
  • Pallet Knives – I use plastic, you may choose metal or if you don’t have any, use an old bank card or similar item.
  • mark making tools (some are shown above) – brayers, paint brushes, key card from hotel, bubble wrap, plastic wrap or packaging, etc.
  • color marking items – I like InkTense blocks and Oil Pastels – you may choose NeoColorII crayons, watercolor pencils, InkTense pencils, etc.
  • Paint – not shown – I purposefully did not show you paints in this image because I want you to use what you have! Do not go buy what I am using…if you have golden paints, enjoy! If you only have inexpensive craft paints, enjoy! No matter what colors you choose, or what brand you use, let’s have some fun!
  • OPTIONAL – but a big wow for the piece – Mixed Media glue and Foil sheets. You may not have these…but maybe you have something metallic you can add at the end. Maybe you do not have anything similar – that is ok. This is an awesome addition, but should not keep you from playing. If you want what I am using…here are the links:  Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Medium & Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Foil Sheet 


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