Learning To Trust and MAJOR news for all Kraafters especially in the Southern USA!

Hello Kraafters!

this is a very unique post – I set it up as TWO PARTS Part One – Learning To Trust! All about the artwork, and Part Two – MAJOR news about the Kraaft Shaak “Meeting Friends” Southern US Tour!

Watch the video to see the art piece get completed and hear the BIG NEWS!

Part One – Learning to Trust!

Learning To Trust is one of the 100 art pieces created during the 100 days challenge to give away to 100 Travelers. This piece belongs to a new Traveler named Ros in New Zealand. I was so honored when she joined and quite pleased these abstract flowers already have a loving home.

I had a canvas I was experimenting on with random blue shades in various acrylic paints. I was trying to go for that soft blend background but it was too plain for me. I added drips of course and then it was ready for something, someday.

This is the canvas I started with.

That happens around here a lot. I start something I am not yet ready to use. No worries. I will use it someday.

I began, as you can see in the video, with white graphite outlining what I thought would be the shape of a vase with a bouquet of flowers coming out of it. I did not have any reference photo so it was hard coming out of my head like that. Proportions are not my thing if I don’t have an example handy.

Sure enough, the shape, size and layout was all wrong and I used a baby wipe to clean off the canvas and start again.

Once I had it wiped off, I was able to get it right. This was just a guide after all, no need to be “placement perfect” just give the idea of where to paint. Using gesso, I filled in the guide and began painting using a combination of various acrylic paints…this was more about color choice and viscosity than it was about the brand so I am not sure I can list them all for you. The purpose of this post is to share news anyway so enjoy these close ups, watch the video and of course – once you have heard the BIG NEWS – sign up for all the details and a FREE SEAT!


We are going on tour in the Southern United States to MEET YOU!

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First and foremost, I am a child of the One True King! I am blessed to be married to my best friend and was privileged to stay home and raise my boys. I began the Kraaft Shaak in 2010 as a way to experiment with crafting mediums and to teach others what I have learned and have come to enjoy it as my creative passion. Taking the 'show on the road' is my latest passion and each day is one step closer to that dream. Thanks for being a part of that journey too!