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A simple & basic class to teach you the very basics of drawing. From the tools you will need to get started all the way to drawing faces. This course is taught in a spiral fashion, which means each class builds on the one before.

I am listing the 18 lessons below with titles and a brief description of what we will cover in that lesson. Be sure to click on the title to be taken to the registration page. Once you register with the social login of your choice, you will be asked to pay. PLEASE read the disclaimers* BEFORE you choose to pay!

This class was LIVE, with a live instructor!

There was interaction from the audience. I have designed the courses to be 30-45 minutes in length but may run to the hour with discussion from the audience. When you join, you may ask questions as if you are in a live classroom. If the teacher is available, she will join in and be there live with you too.

Each lesson has been recorded for your convenience.

You may go back and re-watch, stop and pause, and even ask questions. Questions are answered as time allows, so check back to see the teacher’s reply. On occasion, the teacher is able to come into the recorded event and chat with you live IF you leave a comment in the chat area and IF she is available to do so.


*DISCLAIMERS:  Payment is required for EACH of the individual 18 classes. or ALL are FREE as a Patreon supporter at the required level as long as you are a supporter.


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UntitledLESSON 1 – Air date: 3-9-16 $6 – recorded for your convenience.

Grab your tools, form a line!  and Contour the composition!

This lesson will go over the basic tools we will need for the lessons, show you a few different options and then get right into what makes up basic drawings – LINE, CONTOUR & COMPOSITION.

UntitledLESSON 2 – Air date: 3-23-16 – $6 – recorded for your convenience.

Now you SEE IT now you SHAPE it!

This lesson is all about what you see. The key to beginning a drawing is observation. Learn how and what that means.

UntitledLESSON 3 – air date: 4-13-16 – $6 – recorded for your convenience.

SPACE the final frontier!

This lesson will NOT be about travel to the moon, the solar system, nor will it involve Captain James T. Kirk. We will get spaced out though as we learn what this has to do with drawing.

UntitledLESSON 4 – air date: 4-27-16 – $6 – recorded for your convenience.


In this lesson, you will learn how value affects the tone of your piece learn to shade and add shadows. Seriously the most crucial part to making your art REAL and have depth.

UntitledLESSON 5 – air date: 5-18-16 – $6 – recorded for your convenience.


This lesson will teach you the basics of the color wheel and have you making your own! So much to do with color, this will be fun!

UntitledLESSON 6 – air date: 5-25-16 – $6 – recorded for your convenience.

Color Blending PART 1

This lesson is the first part to color blending. We will use a variety of mediums to learn blending techniques that you can use in every aspect of your drawings.

UntitledLESSON 7 – air date: 6-8-16 – $6 – recorded for your convenience.

Color Blending PART 2

This lesson is the second part to color blending. We will use a variety of mediums to learn blending techniques that you can use in every aspect of your drawings.

UntitledLESSON 8 – air date: 6-22-16 – $6 – recorded for your convenience.


This lesson is all about the grounds, the background, the foreground and the middle ground. It’s okay, you can still go out and play!

UntitledLESSON 9 – air date: 7-13-16 – $6 – recorded for your convenience.

Proportionately Proportioned

This lesson will help you measure your subject to get things right on your paper. These little tricks will help you all areas of your art down the road.

UntitledLESSON 10 – air date: 7-27-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

Does size matter? What is your point of view on that?

This lesson is all about conveying the scale of object and the point of view that your piece has. How will you make the viewer understand what you want them to see?

UntitledLESSON 11 – air date: 8-3-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

recorded for your convenience.


This lesson will have you MAKING THE MARK to get you FEELING your art come alive!

UntitledLESSON 12 – air date: 8-24-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

Grab those 3D glasses!

Well actually, in this lesson you won’t need them anymore! You can make objects on paper appear to be 3D using the element of FORM.

UntitledLESSON 13 – air date: 9-14-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

An Orange, an Onion and a Coconut walk into a room…

The start to a bad joke or the basis for learning how one shape can bring all sorts of awesome results?

UntitledLESSON 14 – air date: 9-28-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

Gain some perspective, will ya?

This lesson will help you with 1 point and 2 point perspective

UntitledLESSON 15 – air date: 10-12-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

Visualize the landscape!

Let’s put what we have learned together to create some simple landscape drawings.

UntitledLESSON 16 – air date: 10-26-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

Balancing Act!

This lesson brings balance and symmetry to your art without Yoga!

UntitledLESSON 17 – air date: 11-9-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

Let’s get aROUND to it!

You won’t need a ruler for this lesson, in fact, that may straighten things out TOO MUCH!

UntitledLESSON 18 – air date: 11-16-16 – $6 recorded for your convenience.

Let’s FACE IT, drawing is EASY!

This lesson will be all about the face, finding your style and celebrating a completed course!


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