#KS3Colors Challenge

This is a free challenge open to everyone and you have all month long to play along.


On the first Friday of the month, I will post a picture with the three colors you are challenged to use in your art piece. You can use any media you wish, paper in this color scheme, watercolors or even fabric! I have chosen DecoArt Americana and Dazzling Metallics as the colors of choice. If you would like to purchase the exact colors and play along, please check out DecoArt Products. 

I will also post a video of how I chose to use the colors as an added bit of inspiration for you!


Once you are ready, go create! You can record the process and post a video, create a photo blog tutorial, take a picture of the final piece and post it to social media OR DO IT ALL! We want to see what you do so be sure to use the hashtag we created to set your art apart and get you noticed – #KS3COLORS – #Ks3Kolors is also acceptable 

You can play along as many times as you want all month long. 

Paint a picture, create an art journal, scrapbook, make cards, sew a quilt, hand stitch a blanket, crochet some wash cloths, go digital, take a photo…we want to see YOU get CREATIVE using these 3 colors! Just remember this… black & white are neutral and do not count, so use them as you desire. BUT try to stick to just three colors or a mixture of them. That’s the challenge!


Each Friday I will post a Weekly Roundup and you will see in one location all the Kraafters who played along! It’s a DecoArt Americana Play Date!

Check out each month’s colors here:

3 color challenge January bottles    

Check out the weekly roundups listed here: WEEKLY ROUNDUPS