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Inspiration Wednesday continues with weeks 10 & 11

Hello Kraafters!

This is all a part of Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday online journal class.

You may have missed the first post about Inspiration Wednesdays, and you may want to read that first to understand how I got here.

Week #10


In Donna’s video, she used wrapping paper and I loved her end result but for probably 12 years now I have been a hard core Gift Bag ONLY person, so no wrapping paper. It is kinda funny though, because I love gift wrapping presents. I like folding the perfect corners and how fun it is to see the gift get ripped open…but honestly, most gifts come in Walmart sacks with the handles tied in a knot, and a special occasion I use one of them decorative kind from the dollar store.

So when I went to do this spread I was at a loss, until I found a couple of double sided designer papers from my Close To My Heart days. I had been hoarding this paper set for some time, time to use it up!

The cool part was that one side of both papers was green and the other blue. They were not the same papers but coordinating so the end result was just perfect.

I added some collage elements, holes punched out of kraft paper from Learn To Draw class when we did soft pastel blending. The colors and shape fit in with the letters. I really like how it all turned out.

WEEK #11


Donna used graphite powder to do the large black stripe and stencil her leaves but there was no way I was doing that. I thought about using my PanPastels and decided on black gesso instead. I used Dina Wakley’s black gesso by Ranger and I was supprised to see it dry with a sheen to it. It was not the chalky version I am used to using.

I had fun playing with this one. I did not have a leaf stencil so Sandra ArtfullyMade4U showed me how to cut my own and even taught me how to draw the image. I used an exacto craft knife and a sheet of heavy kraft cardstock. It turned out pretty good but I will say it is not easy to stencil in a book that has all that bulk in it from previous pages….but that’s okay because we are not aiming for perfection here.

One thing I am enjoying most about this class is the permission to use stuff I already own. I have not really bought anything for this Inspiration Wednesday Adventure. I have been pretty proud of myself for sticking to the self imposed rule of NO BUYING NEW STUFF for this project. I will admit, I did buy one thing specifically for use in this journal. That was foil leafing. You will see why in another post. Otherwise, I have been using up stash items and that is making this whole class very worth it in every way!

Well I hope you are enjoying this journey as much as I am…and I hope you will enjoy the next installment of Inspiration Wednesday Journey, stay tuned!


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  • Sylvia Tabor

    Love how these pages came out!! No way would I ever use that graphite powdered!! Good call!!

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