Inspiration Wednesday #iw2016 – weeks 3 & 4

Inspiration Wednesday continues with weeks 3 & 4

Hello Kraafters!

I am loving this class but week three had me questioning my abilities for sure!

You may have missed the first post about Inspiration Wednesdays. You may want to read that first to understand how I got here.

In week three I used a different color combination than Donna showed us. That was not such a bad thing – at first. I used an orange/yellow Pebeo Dyna acrylic paint. I really enjoyed the shimmer right  up against the flat dark Dina Wakley heavy body in the color night. Then I made the mistake of using Finnabair’s light modeling paste by Prima. I usually like that stuff as it dries faster than the regular modeling paste, but in this case I did not like the choice. It dried to a foam like finish. Sorta like the meat tray foam. A bit plasticy and a little transparent too. This is all normal, but it did not look right on all that shimmer.

Once dry, I thought I would go over it with a turquoise glaze and that is where it went wrong. Again, not right on the shimmer and it would not really stick to the foamy paste. It was a mess!

Inspiration Wednesday week 3 open

Inspiration Wednesday week 3 words

Inspiration Wednesday week 3 open left

So I learned something and made a declaration during this lesson. I learned that when playing with Pebeo Dyna acrylic paints, glazing may not be a good idea and I don’t care too much for that light paste! I then declared…this is just an art journal and one I made and one I intend to LEARN IN! From here on out, every lesson is an opportunity to learn and grow. EMBRACE THAT!

Week four, well now we have flipped 180 degrees! I absolutely loved this one from the moment I had the idea of what I was going to do. Have you ever had an idea in your head and then as you were trying to complete it, it just kept getting better and better? Well that is how this week’s lesson went.

Another layout based on a song by TobyMac. His album This Is Not A Test is so inspiring to me. It was like each and every song was MEANT to be my anthem for 2016! Til The Day I Die is by far my all time favorite on the whole album, and it is all because of this:

I can’t stop, no
I can’t quit
It’s in my heart, yeah
I’m all in

Til the wheels fall off
Til the spotlight fades
I will lift your banner high
I will lift your banner high
And til the walls crash in
For the rest of my days
I’ll lay it all on the line
Til the day I die

“Til The Day I Die”
(feat. NF) TobyMac This Is Not A Test 2015

So when I saw what Donna did for this week, I immediately saw a BANNER! I just knew it would be perfect…LIFT YOUR BANNER HIGH!

inspiration Week four open left

inspiration Week four open right

The banner is a collage of fibers and scrap papers I chose based on color and size. I chose a couple of vellum papers that said HOPE and FAITH. They are on the bottom sorta peeking out of the banner as THE FOUNDATION for this whole thing. It would be impossible to lift that banner high if I did not have hope and faith. Made sense to me.

Inspiration Week four banner

The woman praising God with her entire being…ya that is what I see…is a clip art silhouette that I printed on tissue paper. absolutely PERFECT!

Well I hope you are enjoying this journey as much as I am…and I hope you will enjoy the next installment of Inspiration Wednesday Journey!


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