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Hello Kraafters!

On this episode of This & That Thursday I am offering you a chance to experiment with me as I find a great use for a DIY product I never used before.

I have been blessed with some goodies from two great companies, DecoArt and Chalkola. One of the challenges that come from getting a box of goodies is figuring out how I would use them in my own style of art. I was surprised by the Americana DECOR line the most because honestly, I am not a DIY kinda gal. I tend to use things in ways they were not intended rather than refinishing furniture or redecorating my outdated home. The Americana Decor Color Stain was very new to me…and I was up for the challenge right after the Chalkola markers arrived.

When I got the pack of 16 (10 chalk pens + 6 metallic markers) I knew immediately a new menu board was just what this household needed. I have a few other ideas for these markers too, but you will have to wait for those to come later.

I began with a faux pallet board from my local craft store. Of course you can use any wooden surface for this project, this was what I had waiting in the wings of the craft room. I sanded it lightly and got rid of the rough spots. It was still rather “bumpy” but I knew (well I hoped anyway) that another product, the Americana Decor Light Satin Varnish, would create the perfect non porous surface I would need for the markers.

Why use Chalkola chalk markers?

The markers are pretty darn cool. They wipe right off using a wet paper towel or baby wipe and leave no residue on the surface. They are completely safe, odor and xylene free and environmentally friendly. Ideal for menus, chalk boards, even using something like a glass picture frame can work well for these. The colors are vibrant and with a pack of 16 you will never run out of colorful inspiration.

After you watch the video, be sure to return for the discount Chalkola provided and get your own premium wet wipe markers. viewable below the video


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6 mm Pens (as I have used today) Pack of 16

15 mm Markers – great for windows and large writing needs 


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6 thoughts on “DIY Family Menu featuring DecoArt & Chalkola products

  • Bill Graham

    Very Cool Heather. Thanks for the introduction to, and the demo of these wonderful DecoArt & Chalkola products. Hmmm…….. now what’s for dinner? I think I might need my own menu board.

  • Maria T Meade

    Lady, you are just amazing! I love this piece and I have a similar piece of wood I got at WalMart a few months ago and have, like yourself, been waiting for an inspiring idea to help me do something with it. I use the FolkArt line from Plaid, but I think the paints are very similar and I have some chalk paints that are actually meant for wood. I do believe this would be the perfect project to do with them, Thank you, Heather! I love it!!
    Big Hugs!!

  • Sheila Hensley

    Another great find Heather, and of course, you’ve found just the right use – that which I’d never have thought of. Always love to read about new products and ways to use them. Thanks!

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