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Many folks have been wondering, with the first and second design teams having now come to an end, what is the plan to replace them? I am hoping to answer that question and perhaps show what teams one and two are up to NOW!

Hello Kraafters!

I was pondering over how I was going to handle a new design team.

Would we have another DT Kaal? Would we see a new group of folks share their talents with us? What if no one responded? What if there was not one single person out there willing to share like these ladies have?

It made me sad to think my time working with these fine gals had come to an end. All these thoughts came to me before Design Team round 2 had even begun their first posts and I was so distraught I created a MINI version of each of them for my very own. You may recall that story, A Fond Farewell…Design Team One.

But then…

…something wonderful occurred!

Each of the awesome Designers who blessed us with their works of heART over the last 6 months have VOLUNTEERED to keep the sparks alive through to the end of the year!

I never would have imagined in these last three years that I would be surrounded by such talents. And then the minis came to the rescue.

Mini Me SANDRA Sandra, our fearless leader, still stands strong with her love of teal blue and her can do attitude.

With her amazing ability to transform anything into a work of heART, Sylvia. Mini Me SYLVIA

Mini Me DANA Dana, with her playful spirit.

With enough talent to draw herself her own design team, Shel. Mini Me SHEL

Mini Me PEG Peg, the guru of all things crafty without the ego.

Don’t let her fool you, she is GREAT at mixed media, Sheri. Mini Me SHERI

Mini Me BETH Beth, with a love of all things colorful.

I encourage you to check out each of their blogs – not just right now, but the rest of the year too. They are working overtime to bring you sparks each Saturday until the year ends.

So we say goodbye to Design Team ONE!


and we watch Design Team Two walk off into the sunset and we wonder…


What will they all do now that the title of “Design Team 2015” has been stricken from their names?

How will they cope without the pressures of deadlines?

How will they fare without the constant badgering of the team leaders bothering them for advice?

Well I walked in today and found them all over the studio!

They were raiding the shelves of the store.

Shelf pickers

Then I saw they were working on some kind of a project

What are they up to

I couldn’t totally see what it was.

They are up to something

Then I over heard an idea they were hatching and I kinda thought is sounded pretty good. “Since Teams ONE & TWO are dismantled,” they said. “what if we all combine forces and be the Design Team for 2016?” There were Cheers! and Hoorahs! and Woo Hoos! (all from me of course, because as you know these are just wooden blocks!) and then and there it was decided. The new 2016 Kraaft Shaak Design Team is formed! 


So with that we have concluded the dilemma I thought I might have by having to say goodbye or let these talented ladies go was all solved by the ladies themselves not wanting to go! What a wonderful gift they have given me to stay on board in the new year.

So much will come later about how all of that will work, what you can expect from us, yep US, this time I am joining in on the fun too!

For now, enjoy the schedule listed below and direct links to the ladies and their blogs. You can bookmark this post if you like to be able to know exactly when and where to go for the next three months OR you can find it all out on the Calendar of Events and add it to your Google calendar so you never miss a post. We tried to make it easy for you…a little anyway.



December 5, 2015 Sylvia
December 12, 2015 Shel
December 19, 2015 Sheri and Peg

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