Wearable Art

Sometimes we make stuff to wear! Things like jewelry, t-shirts, shoes and so on.

Wire Wrap Necklace with Sylvia 3

Wire Wrapped Necklace from start to finish with Sylvia! Hello Kraafters! This week we had a very special treat. Sylvia joined the Kraaft It LIVE! show to give us all a “part two” of sorts. Last month she shared her talents with us and gave us the lowdown on all things to do with wire […]

All Decked Out and Ready for Sparkling Fun 4

Saturday at the Shaak means – Spark Some Creativity with the Kraaft Shaak Design Team!!!! Join us and get inspired… Hello Kraafters! Last month Sylvia brought us the love of a bunny and interesting techniques in SomeBunny Loves You! did you miss it? This month’s challenge was to create something wearable. Sylvia took that challenge and not only […]