Watercolor tutorials and demonstrations

Magnolias for Mother’s Day 1

I am blessed to have several “Moms” in my life and I love making them something special when I am able.
I sat down and sketched a magnolia in a vase in my sketchbook. It was a rough sketch, nothing fancy!

Woodburning & Watercolor, using Prima Marketing Confections watercolor

Hello Kraafters! Today on Watercolor Wednesday I have a very special treat…I will be using the Prima Marketing Confections watercolors to add color to a woodburned image. Okay, so first, I have to share…I learned this is called pyrography! py·rog·ra·phy pīˈräɡrəfē/ noun the art or technique of decorating wood or leather by burning a design […]

Watercolors With Michael, a collaboration video 1

Hello Kraafters! Today we are doing something very different. Today I have a collaboration video for you! I have been watching Watercolors With Michael YouTube channel for a while now and his videos have taught me so much. I took a chance and sent him a message BEGGING him to do a project with me. […]

Creating handmade cards with watercolor warm ups 2

Hello Kraafters and WELCOME to another Watercolor Wednesday! Today we are finishing up those warm ups we began a few weeks ago and we are creating handmade cards. My supply list for this episode: Warm Ups created earlier in this series stamps – way too many to list water based dye inks such as Tim Holtz Distress […]