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Art Journal using Gelatos, revisited 1

Hello Kraafters! For This & That Thursday this week we are looking at an old (like from January 2015!) Kraaft It LIVE! episode where I took an Art Journal and gelatos and made a pretty cool spread. The focus was to use the gelatos in a few ways to get the most out of them. […]

Art Journal fun with Stabilo All Pencils 6

This & That Thursday is a little bit of “this” and a whole lotta “that” rolled into a video and blog post to hopefully get you kreating. This week is no different! I hope it inspires you to TRY STUFF OUT! Hello Kraafters! I have a project for you that thrills me big time! I […]

The Love Summer Art Movement 1

Videos are popping up all weekend with the hashtag #LoveSummerArt from some of YouTube’s greatest artists. Hello Kraafters! I am so excited to share with you today the fun that is taking place all over the interwebbies. First, the premise of this…an idea that was sparked by a couple of folks and I wish I […]

Art Journal videos

Hello Kraafters! In February I did a two part series of Art Journal Fun. It was to really show you how to get started and what you might want in order to have some fun with art journal-ling. ┬áSince then I have completed a couple videos and did something new…I sped up the video and […]