Kraafters Kommunity

The Kraafters Kommunity has always been made up of the amazing people all over the world connecting in a virtual space to share the adventure of art in all forms.

We have grown, from a community on Google Plus, to Patreon supporters, to a Facebook Group and now to a member’s only site right here. You are welcome to join us as a Hitchhiker or as a Traveler!

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I’m in Shel’s studio!! 7

Hello Kraafters! I have to tell you being on vacation has made some things, like blogging, difficult to say the least. BUT – I got to spend the entire day today with two of my favorite artists… Sylvia and Shel! Sylvia picked me up bright an early and we drove right on down to southern […]

What is community and does it matter? 11

Hello Kraafters! UPDATE – We have upgraded to Kraafters Kommunity 2.0 –  JOIN OUR Kraafters Kommunity on Discord The NEW and improved Kraafters Kommunity on DISCORD! I want to share with you one of my favorite aspects of Google Plus and one of the best benefits of the Kraaft Shaak…drum roll please…Kraafters Kommunity! The community […]