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The Kraafters Kommunity has always been made up of the amazing people all over the world connecting in a virtual space to share the adventure of art in all forms.

We have grown, from a community on Google Plus, to Patreon supporters, to a Facebook Group and now to a member’s only site right here. You are welcome to join us as a Hitchhiker or as a Traveler!

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ATC Swap for Kraafters May 2018

Hello Kraafters! We have an ATC Swap open to all Kraafters WORLDWIDE – fill out the form below to learn more about it and participate if you wish’ Deadline to register is April 27th, 2018 More swaps coming if this one goes well Loading… ATCs are Artist Trading Cards measuring 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ […]

ATC Swap welcome

What kind of teacher do I want to be? 9

Hello Kraafters! The past few months have been a whirlwind! Such an exciting and equally overwhelming time. I have spent hours, days and weeks of my life working very hard on things that I know will one day matter to those who get to experience them. I know that my efforts are not in vain. […]

Creating Without Borders 1

Creating Without Borders is a new show about creativity and TEARING DOWN the borders that keep us locked into a spot of inactivity.  Do you suffer from white page anxiety? Do you have difficulty getting a brush to move because you do not know what you want to paint? Is the overwhelming amount of non […]

A memory and a milestone 20

Hello Kraafters! I have so much to share but I really needed to come here today to talk about one thing and save the rest for another day. A memory and a milestone! Today, May 30, I was reminded on Facebook of a moment that took place 3 years ago. It was a compilation of […]

Ring In The New Year with friends 84

A couple weeks ago, CeeCee and I were chatting about our plans for the new year and how we might spend New Year’s Eve. It turns out neither of us planned to go anywhere and we would both love to hangout and “art” some fun together.