Traveler posts

THE TRAVELER – books a monthly ride aboard the Kraaft Shaak adventure and takes advantage of the free options hitchhikers enjoy but will also experience the first class showings of Instagram Live replays, downloadable sketches and printouts for use in their own art, the occasional print to download,  in person benefits at ArtKoncerts and so much more. They also have exclusive access to the NEW Kraafters Klub – a new online community only available to paid members. Here is where they get to experience backstage meetups, share photos and even get involved in swaps and Kraaft It Together events.

As a traveler you are supporting the dream of taking the Kraaft Shaak on the GO!

Your monthly investment is what keeps the dream alive. Thank you, very much!

The opportunity to become a Traveler is a monthly subscription plan. To join, please use the “login in” option above and register.

Tree Frog Line Art and Supplies

October is filled with FROGS! Enjoy this Tree Frog line art and the supplies for each episode this month as we do them (check back often to see them) Watch each episode and play along. Episode1: Fergus the Frog, named by Jane! COMING SOON: supply lists for each episode, downloadable prints of the art I […]