Kraaft It LIVE!

Kraaft It LIVE!

Kraaft It LIVE! has been airing on YouTube since January of 2013! We originally called the show Coffee, Chat and Kraaft. It was a way for me to reach out to a crafty world beyond my basement walls when I had no one near by to create with.

That has since turned into a live demonstration of heART each Tuesday night with a world wide audience commenting and playing along! It is definitely a place where FUN is to be had, MISTAKES are bound to happen, and we all might LEARN something too!

This is where you will find how to, product demonstrations and completed works of heART. You can watch old episodes, see product lists and finished pictures and close ups.


Shine with all you got! 4

Shine with all you got! a Kraaft It not so LIVE! episode. Hello Kraafters! I would hate for you guys to forget about me while I am dealing with the surgery and recovery so I have Kraaft It not so LIVE! episodes lined up for each Tuesday in January. tee hee Our first one is a 12″ […]

Mixed Media Canvas, sunflower power

Mixed Media Canvas, sunflower power I still have the second canvas from my fun show with Cee Cee that I want to actually see my original idea come to life on…we will see. And, of course there is that Kraafters Challenge we issued too…   Hello Kraafters! Kraaft It LIVE! is a live kraafting show where […]

PanPastel Fun

I received two sets of PanPastels for my birthday (thank you Sylvia!) and I am just so happy to share with you what I find most fun to do with them. I hope you will join in on the fun too. Hello Kraafters! Kraaft It LIVE! is a live kraafting show where fun is to be had […]