Live Streaming On TWITCH!

Hello Kraafters! SOMETHING NEW!!! Weekdays in June at 10 am Eastern, I am now live streaming on Twitch. What is Twitch you ask? Well, it is a video streaming platform much like YouTube. It was created for gamers but it is open to anyone wanting to livestream. I have enjoyed the new to me CREATIVE […]

Follow Your Heart, a mixed media art adventure!

Hello Kraafters! This week I am sharing a Mixed Media Art Adventure called “Follow Your Heart” It was spring of 2018 when I created this and I had intended to use it for a Mixed Media class I wanted to teach a few months later. Unfortunately, days turned into weeks, and events took place that […]

Alphabet Paintings – replay Instagram Live

I hope you are ready to paint those Alphabet images because this post has all the videos in one place!
Here is you exclusive access to the REPLAYS of the Instagram Live videos where I painted each letter A-E.

Autumnal Mini Series – Winds of Change – Mixed Media Demonstration and Supplies 1

This is going to be a fun KRAAFT-A-LONG where you can print out the line art, see all the supplies I will have out (and we shall see if I use them or not) and play each week with me LIVE during the Kraaft It lIVE! show.
For now, enjoy the images below, print out the line art and use it however you wish and I will write up all the supplies in an update later.

Tree Frog Line Art and Supplies 1

October is filled with FROGS! Enjoy this Tree Frog line art and the supplies for each episode this month as we do them (check back often to see them) Watch each episode and play along. Episode1: Fergus the Frog, named by Jane! COMING SOON: supply lists for each episode, downloadable prints of the art I […]