Autumnal Mini Series – Winds of Change – Mixed Media Demonstration and Supplies 1

Hello Travelers!

This is going to be a fun KRAAFT-A-LONG where you can print out the line art, see all the supplies I will have out (and we shall see if I use them or not) and play each week with me LIVE during the Kraaft It lIVE! show.

More details are coming to this page, so check back often.

For now, enjoy the images below, print out the line art and use it however you wish and I will write up all the supplies in an update later.

When doing a piece of this size and with such detail, I have a process and I thought I would share that here. First, I sketch out my idea. Usually in my notepad that has notes and scribbles. It’s not pretty and I rarely share that. Then I got a little bigger, again with a sketch a little more detail and end up with color of some kind. Its usually watercolor because it’s simple and fun for me. From there I either finesse that piece or do another…but I’m usually ready to take it to the final work stage at this point. If this were just for myself or a commissioned piece, I would get right to the canvas. If it is something for my live art show or as a gift to my Travelers (a perk program we have for supporters) than there is another set of steps to follow. In this case we are doing this as a series all November and Travellers can play along…so they need a sketch. I first take a picture of the watercolored sample. Then I mess with it in a program to get it to the stage of a black and white sketchy drawing. I then upload that to my iPad and in a program called ProCreate I begin tracing, correcting and manipulating until I have a final image I can share with my Travellers.

Here is the watercolored image done as my “test”


A picture of the supplies (I will list them soon):

Supply List:

DecoArt Media Line Products – gesso (white), modeling paste, crackle paste, and crackle paint

Golden Inc fiber paste, glazing fluid, fluid acrylic paints, open acrylic paints



The Line Art – for you to copy and use as you wish – right click and save to your computer:

THANK YOU for being a traveler – I hope you enjoy your perks as you ride this adventure with us!

Updates In Progress…

Some close ups of the work done on episode one and episode two:


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