The Krew

you can read our story – how the Kraaft Shaak came to be, all right here.

Heather Kraafter is a Mixed Media Artist and teacher. 

She has served the creative community for over 7 years.

Her passion is to share with the world that every person was CREATED by the CREATOR to be CREATIVE!


She uses her online business, Kraaft Shaak, to share that message through over 400 videos on YouTube, a very active & growing community called Kraafters Kommunity and all social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Mr. Kraafter, also known as Gregg, is the support system, expert driver, heavy lifter, set up extraordinaire, comment wrangler, and official Roadie! After a lifetime of working very long hours as a professional driver with few days off, it’s time for him to sit back and enjoy life a bit, from his favorite spot – the driver’s seat! Now ready to travel on the adventure of a lifetime, sharing the joy that marriage can hold and what it means to be a man of God, ready to take on whatever God has to offer. He is now seeing plans to speak to men about the struggles of marriage, parenthood and manhood in general. Keep your eyes open for more!



Tdawgg, is a special young man who is just learning how to express his own kind of creativity through digital imagery. You can follow his behind the scenes antics, his incredible close ups and watch his talents grow on Instagram.  During our live show, he runs the cameras and the entire production! Look for his hashtag #PhotoByTdawgg and get your picture taken by him at an in person, LIVE Art Koncert!




Sylvia and Sandra are the online co-hosts who wrangle the internet audience as they chat and bring up comments for all to hear. They bring the online audience to life for Heather as she creates. Without them, the show would be boring and lifeless. They are a crucial part of the team! Sylvia is known for her K.I.S.S. series of creative videos. Sandra has a flare for creating magnificent mailart and beautiful faces. Visit their YouTube channels to learn more



– Sylvia on YouTube

– Sandra on YouTube




Lindz, the official Kraaft Shaak Kartoonist, shares her wit and excellent “tooning” skills bringing an extreme amount of laughter and fun to our shows before during and long after. Each week she keeps a running list of clever comments, interesting tidbits and sneaky misconceptions to pencil into an exclusive KIL TOON! Her talents far exceed our boundaries, so be sure to check her out on her website for “Hammy” adventures and so much more. Please visit her online to see more:

-“Hammy” adventures