A lighthouse for Jo

Hello Kraafters!

In February, I posted a painting of Mr. Hugs & Stuff and I was left with a lovely comment from Jo… here is her comment:

WOW… this is gorgeous!!! I cannot believe that you drew this, just amazing! And as a suggestion…may you please show little videos like Watercolor Wednesdays but have them be actual “Drawing” Lessons on how to create a nature scene or water scene by the ocean? I would love that and I am sure so many others will too considering there are a ton of us that drawing just does not come natural to us. And if you can do a watercolor episode on creating a lighthouse, the ocean, and some rocks or shore line…. that would be perfect! I live at the beach.. so I really want to learn how to watercolor or paint a lighthouse with the water surrounding it and having the shore line or beach there. Thanks so much!!

I will tell you, like I told Jo, I already have an entire set of videos dedicated to drawing basics and all 18 of them are available on the Simple & Basics course here on the website.

This comment did get me thinking about some things though. Whenever I start a video I have already worked out the image I want to create, the composition, even the size! I usually get it to the stage of trace and paint. I would hate for you to sit through the sometimes agonizing pain of me “thinking” or “figuring”, you know?

So, I decided to let you in on that part – a little – and in PART ONE of the lighthouse painting, I share how I choose an image, what I look for in the image and then how I go about sketching it and creating the image for my painting.

In part one, we started painting a little, but stopped short at the point of adding some texture to the watercolor painting.

In part two, we continued the painting and finished it up with some discussion about lighthouses and the fun of visiting.

If you like to have all the details in one spot, here are links to the videos, the picture I used, the VERY rough sketch for you to use as you wish, and the supplies I chose as well.


PART ONE – A lighthouse watercolor on Kraaft It LIVE! (recorded 3/21/2017)

PART TWO – A lighthouse watercolor on Kraaft It LIVE! (recorded 3/28/2017)


right click the image and select SAVE IMAGE AS to download and use as you wish.

the finished painting

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