Letting Sparks Fly and Killing Off the Kit! 2

Spark some creativity Saturdays at the Shaak! This month’s theme: Kill The Kit! Home Decor Piece and this is my mid-week, look back and look ahead.

Hello Kraafters!

This month is bittersweet for me. I love getting to this point where the design team has had a couple months to play with their kits and now they are trying really hard to see if they can possibly use it all up. We do not encourage waste, just the challenge to use up as much as you can and see just how far this exclusive mixed media kit can go.

It seems each time they do this I get more and more impressed!

The bittersweet part is that it also means it is their final requested project from me. I certainly do not want to see any of the team go. I am also hoping that team one and team two will combine their superpowers and share some sparks of creativity throughout the rest of the year – but that is just me hoping for some Holiday Sparks!!

Well – enough sniveling – let’s take a look at the crime scene and have a chat with the “kill the kit” criminal, Beth!

First, be sure to take a look at her home decor item and see if you think she did a good job “killing the kit”

I’ve Been Framed!

I've Been Framed


Call CSI - the kit has been killed!Click To Tweet

By far my favorite part of having a design team is getting to watch these ladies blossom and grow and seeing their talent first hand and of course, getting to know them more.

It’s time for…(deep announcer voice)
Question and answer time with the Kraaft Shaak Design Team!

Heather: What challenges you the most in your art?

Beth:Sticking with a vision.
I find that I start with what I feel is this super fabulous image in my head of what I am going to create. Then, every time I take a break and come back to a piece, it tells me it wants something else. Even in scrapbook and card making. I will cut all the pieces and have everything laid out just so, I will even take a picture so I know how it all goes back together. But at the end of the project, it looks nothing like the picture, even though I used the same supplies!

Heather: Is there anything in your kit that scares or challenges you? Tell us about that.

Beth: Sequins and glitter.
I am not a glitter girl, in general I avoid it if I can, even though a I have a drawer full of glitter, it seems to be more of a just in case type of supply!

Heather: If you were able to spend tomorrow with anyone (absolutely anyone) who would it be and what would you do with them?

Beth: Dyan Reavely!
I would love to spend the day with her drinking tea and making a mess! She has that cheeky personality that would keep me laughing all day long!

A team player and a big heART! Beth is a delight to us all!Click To Tweet

If you think this was awesome, you should head on over and see all that Beth offers on her blog and her YouTube channel – you will be inspired all year long!

Saturday we shall see what Peg has in store for us as she picks up her murder weapon and attempts to Kill The Kit – Home Decor Style! Don’t take my word for it – take a peek below!

A sneak peek at Peg's spark

click the picture above and be sure to follow her blog for even more inspiration!!

We hope this Sparks Some Creativity for you this Saturday!


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2 thoughts on “Letting Sparks Fly and Killing Off the Kit!

  • Dapoppins

    So sad to see the demise of this awesome kit. IBut I have loved seeing all the incredible, versatile ways people have been able to use it! I am kinda like Beth, I struggle sticking with a “vision” but hey, don’t they call that “intuitive art?” I don’t know, but that’s my story and I am sticking with it. These projects were super fabulous, I am in love with how team two used the kit embellishments!

  • Peg

    That piece Beth created for her classroom is great. It is so wonderful to create when you have a purpose in mind for your project.

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