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Hello Kraafters!

Something new – a blog hop – a “kreative” one at that! What’s this, you ask? Well, I did too! I was minding my own business one day when a delightful young lady I have a lot of respect for, asked me if would like to participate in this “thing.” I immediately cringed as I am NOT a blogger and this is the one area I find difficulty being “creative” so how could I possibly do this, let alone do it well?

After going through and reading a few of the “posts that have been before”, and knowing this talented young artist as I do, I figured, WHY NOT? So, here it is – the next round of the (here’s hoping) eternal blog hop of creativity! It posts each Monday and if you go back you will find many MANY many talented creatives sharing just for you!

The talented young artist I mentioned is your first stop in seeing just how awesome this can be. Katie Smith of punk projects is so creative it is tough to nail down one “thing” she does.  I was first introduced to her by my daughter in law as she and Katie are friends.  As it turned out, Katie paints on shoes and I fell in love with her art in all of about 2 seconds.  BUT – don’t take my word for it, go visit her and let her know I sent ya!

Now, this post is supposed to be, I will quote Katie here: a fun way of finding new creative friends and bloggers and learning more about the people behind their blogs!” so…here goes!  I am to respond to these questions…we will see if I can follow these rules!  HA HA

1. What I am working on?

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

4. How does my writing/creative process work?

I will begin…insert dramatic music here

My name is Heather.  I enjoy long walks on sandy beaches in the rain….OH WAIT!  Wrong blog post!

Actually, I was born in a log cabin covered in glitter in the back woods of…na, that’s not it!

The truth is – I am just an ordinary wife, mom and for 2 fabulous years now, a Grandmom.  I am blessed every SINGLE day of my life to be able to follow my passions and for me that means KRAAFTING!  I can not say I enjoy every craft in the world, but I will try most of them at least once.  My passion is to create, and sometimes that looks like whatever I can get my hands on.  Sometimes it means I dabble in one area for a long time too.  Right now, I am really into mixed media and I just can not get enough of adding different mediums together to see what will happen.  Even mud is a good result at times!  I do make things that I sell in a local shop and that is VERY rewarding.  I customize wedding gifts as well and these pieces have become some of my faves – I just need more weddings to create for!


Butte - Granite MT

Mr. & Mrs. Corbitt wooden block set

Paper peacock feathers and paper roses bouquet

I am currently working on a set of canvases – I actually worked them on my LIVE crafting show called Kraaft It LIVE! where I hangout with friends and we chat and create.  This week I made a triptych and a BIG mess!  It was a fun episode, but the pieces are not complete.  I hung them on the wall in my living room and they are just too dark.  So, I will be adding some white “stuff” to them this week.

Triptych canvas art


Faith Hope & Love

I don’t know that my work is different, I am not even sure what genre you might put me in.  Maybe that is the point of my own creative process – I am not “box” able!  You can not label me, the minute you do I might change!  I have a few cards I made when I first began this journey and I laugh when I look at how simple, or even how poorly they were assembled.  I have learned a lot since then.  The adhesives I use, the techniques & quality of products, the stamping…it all has improved over the years.  I keep those around to remind me when I try something new that “you have to start somewhere!”  If you knew it all when you began, why would you proceed?  This journey is all about discovery!

I am happy to discover when and how things work but my favorite moments are when things go completely sideways!  I learn way more then!  I also laugh a lot more too!  Here is a prime example.  I have a video clip here – it is the full video but if you go to 30:13 you will see what happens on my live show when I make a complete mistake!

here is another where the simple details can trip me up and all you can do is…well, you will see! (1:00:32)

When I am not in my studio I am doing all the other things that a wife, mom and grandmom does – and at times – those “things” can get overwhelming.  That is by far the entire reason I create.  My husband has even “sent me to my Kraafty room” in order to regain my “joy”, as it were.  I need that release or I go a tad crazy or perhaps a bit grouchy!  It helps me to sit and doodle when being in my Kraaft Shaak is not an option.  I always have creative supplies handy, pencils, markers or even a travel case for water colors.

On our most recent camping trip, I was sure to bring a carrying case filled with these supplies and spent an entire day making messes in the woods.  I believe I found my true and lasting “happy place” and that is what has inspired me to keep on creating for the rest of this year.

I think I mentioned earlier I am not a blogger.  I am actually a very messy crafter.Kraaft Shaak what a messWhen I see the question about how my writing process works I kinda freeze up.  It is curious to me how I can possibly have a post this long already.  I guess, how it works is this…I think on the subject for a while.  Each subject has it’s own limits.  This subject is ME so this one is tough – but if it were a mixed media project like my Life series, well that is a different kettle of fish…In no time there was a post written!  If the subject is something I do not enjoy, well – I may just be writing all the way up until the deadline (like this post here!)  I even challenged myself to a Writing Challenge this year, so far I am not doing so good…I just might include this post int he challenge too wink wink.  This is NOW post #5 in the 50 Post #BlogChallenge


Basically, I am just an everyday gal who creates for fun with friends.  I happen to do it live on camera every Tuesday too.  I also began a community on Google Plus called Kraafters Kommnity that is teaming with talented folks who share and encourage each other and I am just thrilled to be a part of it!  I would love to introduce you to two of them who will continue the blog hop for us next week on Monday August 25th…

Sylvia and Sandra!

Sylvia and I met in an online class that we took and then joined a Facebook group where we became active members.  It was a joy to get to know her and her passion for art.  Her creative knowledge is so vast I often wonder what she does NOT know! She actually taught me how to use my Gelli Arts gel printing plate live on my show in December of 2013.  Please visit her blog TabOriginals today and then again Monday the 25th of August as she posts to the Creative Blog Hop.  UPDATE: Here is her post!

Sandra is a very talented artist.  I am blessed daily with her postings of mail art, card making, stamp carving and more.  She continues to amaze me in our Kraafters Kommunity as she posts something new and unexpected almost everyday.  I am thrilled to share her very new blog with you ArtfullyMade and I hope you will visit it now to see her “card a day” in August with ONE STAMP SET and her Creative Blog Hop post going live August 25th.  UPDATE:  Here is her post!

and YOU – what about you?  You too could post a Creative Blog Hop post, just be sure to let me know you did it so I can link to you!!  Your post should follow these guidelines:

1. post on YOUR blog ON MONDAY!

2. answer the four questions above

3. link back to the person who sent you on this journey (ME!)

4. ask a few others to continue the fun the following Monday.


Thanks for the chat and I look forward to your comments.


About Heather Kraafter

First and foremost, I am a child of the One True King! I am blessed to be married to my best friend and was privileged to stay home and raise my boys. I began the Kraaft Shaak in 2010 as a way to experiment with crafting mediums and to teach others what I have learned and have come to enjoy it as my creative passion. Taking the 'show on the road' is my latest passion and each day is one step closer to that dream. Thanks for being a part of that journey too!

8 thoughts on “The Creative Blog Hop

  • Sylvia Tabor

    love it love it love!!! So glad you posted those OOPS cuz that is what sets you and your show apart from all others — you make mistakes, you laugh about it, roll with the punches and continue on, improvising on the spot, using all that is your “Kraafty bone”, and carry on. Perfectly imperfect perfectly!!!

    • Heather Kraafter Post author

      Thanks so very much Sylvia. You are one of the reasons I keep on – your encouragement helps me laugh and all you do for us in the Kraafters Kommunity is so appreciated! LOVE YA TOO! 😉

  • Tina Van Eick

    Love the writing…and it was great to hear how you met Sylvia. Too cool. You are very talented…I enjoy seeing what you come up with.

    • Heather Kraafter Post author

      Thanks Tina, I am truly blessed to be pursuing my dreams and you all are part of that!

  • Maria Meade

    I think for someone who doesn’t like to write you would never be able to tell that from the blog posting I just read. It was fantastic! I especially loved the “Bloopers” from the Kraaft It Live show!! I laughed so hard! I told my son Daniel about the mis-spelling one and he laughed as well. i am so very glad I came across your show. I am having a blast!

    • Heather Kraafter Post author

      Thanks Maria, this one was particularly hard as I hate chatting about ME but I must say it pleased me to be able to share the lightheartedness, as that is what I aim to be most of the time! If we ain’t havin’ fun, I don’t wanna do it!

  • A Mynah Production

    OMGosh! We must be friends in a past life or something! LOL! I was just reading up on your Blog Hop post and I thought I was listening to myself…we sorta talk/write in the same way…great post….I’ve added you to my reading log…(sorry still new to all of this) I guess that means I am following you? I’m trying to, anyways….I told Sandy that I have pushed all the buttons….so I did something! Ha!

    • Heather Kraafter Post author

      I love it Mel – I felt the same as I read yours! I hear ya…new myself, so let’s “hang in there” together!

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